Sanatan Sanstha is a leading organization that follows the path shown by Sages and Seers and Saints- Mahants for progress of nation and Dharma by keeping ‘Dharma-shaastra’ as base. The perspective given by Sanatan Sanstha is not only for spiritual progress of a person but Sanatan has always given importance to progress of nation and Dharma. Various drives are therefore, undertaken such as propagation of spirituality, protection of nation and Dharma etc towards accomplishing this goal.

Currently, corruption, crimes, riots etc have crossed all limits in society since people are not undertaking spiritual practice (sadhana). Thousands of seekers, sacrificing their mind, body and money, are spreading spiritual science under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha for increasing ‘sattvikata’ in society.

  • Guidance on removing tensions
  • Exhibition of books on spiritual science
  • ‘Vanprashthashram’ for aged seekers
  • Explaining importance of religious festivals
  • Holding weekly satsangs
  • Lectures on leading successful life
  • Classes on personality development
  • Sanatan-sadhak Purohit Pathshala
  • ‘Bal-sanskar classes
  • Dharmasatsangs series telecast on TV channels
  • Yadnya-yaag’
  • Spiritual research

There are many such activities on ‘Adhyatma-prasar’; try to know them !

Activities undertaken