Discover Divinity, Discover Yourself

Discover Divinity, Discover Yourself

Welcome to Sanatan Ashram

Sanatan Ashram is open to anyone who wants to do continuous spiritual practice for God-realisation
– Sachchidananda Parabrahman Dr Athavale (Founder, Sanatan Ashram)

Sanatan Sanstha’s flagship Ashram is a spiritual oasis conducive to pursue unhindered spiritual exploration. It is located in the serene atmosphere of Bandivade village in Ponda (Goa), nestled in the lap of nature and divinity. Welcome to your spiritual sanctuary!

Why Visit Sanatan Ashram?

The Ashram provides continuous and progressive guidance on spirituality and enables the seeker to learn, heal and live spiritually and experience the divine within. The Ashram is a modern day Gurukul which caters to the needs those whose ultimate aim in life is enlightenment (Moksha or God-realisation). With this shared aspiration of attaining moksha our diverse community of residents transcends caste, sect, gender and other differences, fostering a truly spiritual commune.

Sanatan Ashram houses a subtle world exhibit – a museum of the visible effects of the invisible world. This unique museum is a treasure trove of carefully curated artefacts collected over 4 decades. It gives you a chance to see and experience the positive as well as negative physical manifestations of the intangible world. 

Explore the visible effects of the invisible world!

Sanatan Ashram has something for a seeker on every path

Bhaktiyoga in Sanatan Ashram


Prayer, offering gratitude, surrendering unto God

Karmayoga in Sanatan Ashram


Perfecting physical and intellectual seva sans expectation

Jnanyoga in Sanatan Ashram


Satsangs, studying books on spirituality, spread of spirituality

Dhyanyoga in Sanatan Ashram


Chanting and performing spiritual healing remedies

And doing all this under the guidance of the Guru Principle (Gurukrupayoga), means that seekers achieve rapid spiritual progress, going from a novice in spirituality to breaking free of the bonds of life and death in a few years. And seekers in Sanatan Ashram are examples of this rapid growth – with over a dozen seekers having achieved Sainthood (spiritual level above 70%) within a short period of time. 

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Immerse yourself in Chaitanya! Discover Divinity, Discover Yourself!

Visit Sanatan Ashram

Sanatan Ashram Deepavali 2016

We welcome you to come and experience the divine atmosphere of the Sanatan Ashram. See for yourself what spiritual living means, and return inspired to lead a sattvik life and experience divinity in your home. Details on how to reach Sanatan Ashram can be found in the concluding section of this page.

To ensure a seamless visit, we request you to inform us of your arrival via email or phone in advance.

About Sanatan Sanstha

Our Founder

Sachchidananda Parabrahman Dr Jayant Athavale, a former hypnotherapist and researcher of world renown established Sanatan Ashram with blessings of His Guru Sant Bhaktaraj Maharaj

Our Aim

To impart continuous spiritual guidance to the inquisitive, propagate Dharmik and spiritual behaviour in the society, uniting the Dharmik people for a sattvik and better world

Our Initiatives

Free satsangs (online and offline) for a happy life, de-addiction drives, holistic personality development, publications on Nation and Dharma, Gurupurnima celebrations, Dharma education, 

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