What is Gurukrupayog ?

Spiritual practice alone can give us the strength to face sorrows in life bravely as also the experience of everlasting Anand (Bliss). Spiritual practice means efforts made for God-realisation. Spiritual practice undertaken for attaining the blessings of the Guru and His continual grace is called ‘Spiritual practice according to Path of Guru’s grace’ (Gurukrupayoga). Gurukrupayoga has two aspects – vyashṭi sadhana (Efforts for individual spiritual growth) and samashṭi sadhana (Efforts for spiritual growth of society).

Components of vyashti sadhana as per Gurukrupayog

Vyasthi Sadhana


1. Remove Personality Defects                                                                 5. Satseva

2. Ego Removal                                                                                            6. Tyag

3. Chanting                                                                                                    7. Priti (Spiritual love) for others

4. Satsang                                                                                                      8. Bhav (Spiritual Emotion)

Samasthi Sadhana

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1. Remove Personality Defects

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2. Ego Removal

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3. Chanting

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4. Satsang

  • Satsang

    Once Sage Vasistha and Sage Vishwamitra were debating the relative superiority of satsang...

5. Satseva

6. Tyag

7. Priti (Spiritual love) for others

8. Bhav (Spiritual Emotion)

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