Overwhelming response to the exhibition of Sanatan’s Holy texts put up at the Hyderabad Book Fair


Bhagyanagar – Like every year,  recently the annual ‘Hyderabad Book Fair (book exhibition)’ was organised here. Sanatan’s Holy texts in Telugu, Hindi and English and also its sattvik products were on display. People responded to this overwhelmingly. Every day thousands of such spiritual curious visited the exhibition,  which in all had 350 stalls. In fact Sanatan’s stall was the main attraction for spiritually curious people.

1. Dharmashikshan flexboards were put up at the exhibition venue. Thousands of spiritual aspirants benefited from them.

2. A banner on Sanatan’s Holy texts was displayed at a place where it was clearly visible so reading it many people were able to visit the stall .

3. Peoples who had purchased Holy texts from Sanatan’s stall last year returned this year saying that they loved the books and so had come to buy new ones.

4. Many people who had bought Holy texts and products from the Sanatan stall encouraged others to visit the stall.

5. Listening to the spiritual information imparted by Sanatan seekers at the exhibition venue,  spiritual aspirants would bring other family members and request seekers to give them the
same information.

6. Information as imparted in the Sanatan book stall was not being given elsewhere. People appreciated the seva of seekers stating that they were able to render it wholeheartedly because of their selfless attitude.

7. Some people were inquiring how we were able to sell such good quality products for such low rates and also about who our Guru (spiritual Master) was.

8. It was realised that the fragrance of sattvik products was attracting spiritually inclined people towards Sanatan’s stall.

9. On the last day of the exhibition people from neighbouring stalls purchased all Sanatan’s Holy texts in Telugu and all types of sattvik products.

10. At the exhibition venue a Christian missionary was distributing free copies of the Bible about which a spiritual aspirant visiting the exhibition expressed displeasure towards the organisers.

11. A Sufi sect preacher who was visiting the book exhibition venue purchased all Holy texts of Sanatan on spiritual practice and promised to pass on all information from the Hindu Holy texts to his followers.

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