Using Kriyaman-karma effectively

Karma (An act or action which gives rise to destiny) that we do according to our intellect or will is called the kriyaman-karma. Of the total karmas that the human beings perform, 35% are done because of kriyaman-karma.

How to overcome sufferings of Prarabdha

‘Prarabdha cannot be altered and one has to face the consequences’; but because of sadhana (Spiritual practice) performed with intense yearning, blessings of the Guru, grace of God etc., prarabdha becomes tolerable and can easily be overcome.

What is Sanchit-karma and Prarabdha?

The bhog (sufferings) that are pending from the karmas of previous births are termed as sanchit-karma. The portion of sanchit-karma, because of which an individual has to undergo suffering in this birth, is called prarabdha-karma.

Kartavya (Duty) karma

Karma (An act, action which gives rise to destiny) is the essence of human life. Knowing the importance and peculiarities of karma changes our attitude towards karma and we get exposed to a new dimension to perform it.

Importance of karma

In life, karma (An act, action which gives rise to destiny) is unavoidable. Even to sustain life, the karma of breathing has to be performed. A continuous generation of ‘give-and-take’ accounts with others is a consequence that comes along with karma.

Sacrifice of doership as per Karmayoga

All karmas performed in all the ways are through the basic components (Sattva, Raja, Tama); however, an ignorant under the spell of ego thinks that he is the doer.