Sanatan Sanstha is a leading organization that follows the path shown by Sages and Seers and Saints- Mahants for progress of nation and Dharma by keeping ‘Dharma-shaastra’ as base. The perspective given by Sanatan Sanstha is not only for spiritual progress of a person but Sanatan has always given importance to progress of nation and Dharma. Various drives are therefore, undertaken such as propagation of spirituality, protection of nation and Dharma towards accomplishing this goal.

Sanatan has also started its drives like self-defence training, first-aid training, disaster management training, fire-fighting etc in national interest, 10-15 years back with lot of foresight. Sanatan has published number of books on these subjects. Even now, Sanatan seekers join drives undertaken by other organizations for welfare of the nation.

  • Free training classes
  • Fire-fighting training class
  • Movement against corruption
  • Maintaining honour of national flags
  • Harm caused by crackers- awareness drive
  • Movement for purification of language and awakening towards identity as per language
  • Participation in squads going for helping earthquake and flood stricken people

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Activities conducted