How to fall asleep fast?

Certain tips that consider your basic constitution (prakruti) & employ mudras to help you fall asleep quickly & have a peaceful night.

Simple Ayurvedic remedies for sound sleep

In 200 ml lukewarm buffalo milk add cubed sugar and drink it gradually, one spoon at a time, before going to bed, do not gulp down everything quickly. This remedy also alleviates the lethargy which has appeared during the day.

If you are unable to fall asleep then try removing the black energy enveloping (avran) your eyes

‘I have advised spiritual remedies to several seekers for their inability to fall asleep at night. When searching for remedies I realised that the main spiritual cause for this is negative energy surrounding and within the eyes. Due to the grossness of the negative energy, despite feeling sleepy one cannot close the eyes. When this negative energy is removed by performing a spiritual remedy the person is able to sleep peacefully. Hence those facing the problem of insomnia should adopt the following remedy.

In which posture should you sleep ?

The purpose of sleeping is to give the physical body rest. From this viewpoint ‘the body posture which gives the body maximum rest is the best. This is a thumb rule.

Importance of sound sleep

Sound Sleep is very important part of life. Absence of sound sleep adversely affects the following day’s work-schedule.

Tips for better sleep

In this article you will get to know about preparations to be made before going to bed in order to get peaceful sleep. It also details the mantras to be recited, prayers to be offered and chanting to be done before retiring to sleep.