The presiding Deity of the kitchen is Shri Annapurnadevi. She provides us with food. Food that will be liked by everyone and sattvikta (Purity) received by the people who consume it depends on the love of the individual who prepares it and his/her bhav (Spiritual emotion) for God.

Kitchen is a space meant for cooking. It should be clean and well-lit. Only where there is cleanliness and tidiness, Shri Annapurnadevi and God reside there. Similarly, the utensils, food items and water in the kitchen should also be clean. Let us understand precautions to be taken at physical, psychological and spiritual levels while cooking food.

A patient recovers faster due to the ‘healing touch’ of some doctor. A woman who prepares good food is called an expert cook. A doctor who has a ‘healing touch’ indicates that his constitution is sattvik. Such an individual being kind-hearted, the proportion of sattvik vibrations generated is more in the task he undertakes. Due to the predominance of sattvik vibrations, the Raja-Tama components get destroyed in a short period. Therefore, a patient is cured faster with the ‘healing touch’ of such an individual. Similarly, a woman who is an expert cook is predominant in the Sattva component.

Importance of love for others and spiritual emotion for God while cooking
Effect of cooking
non-vegetarian food
Conducts related to
cooking and preparation of food

Methods of cooking,
appliances, their benefits and harm
Achars related to usage of
milk, curd, buttermilk etc.
Achars related to
usage of vegetables in meals
Achars related to usage
of salt and edible oil

Benefits obtained from using copper and brass utensils and earthenware
Sattvik process of cooking to
transform food into Purnabrahman