If you perform spiritual practice along Path of Guru’s Grace (Gurukrupayoga) then you will make fast spiritual progress – Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye, Sanatan Sanstha

500 spiritual aspirants attend the discourse
on ‘Spiritual practice for a blissful living’ at Kolhapur

Lighting the lamp from left to right are Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye and allopathic physician Dr. (Mrs.) Shilpa Kothawale

Kolhapur – In Her guidance at the ‘Khare Mangal Karyalay’ in Kolhapur on February 5, 2020 when speaking on the topic ‘Spiritual practice for a blissful living’, on behalf of Sanatan Sanstha, Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye said, ‘Spiritual progress is fastest along the Path of Guru’s Grace as compared to other paths of spiritual practice. This path has two sub-divisions – vyashti and samashti. Vyashti includes chanting, satsang, satseva, sacrifice, unconditional love (priti), personality defect removal, ego removal and efforts to evoke spiritual emotion while samashti spiritual practice is spread of spirituality along with personality defect removal, ego removal processes.

Dr. (Mrs.) Shilpa Kothawale spoke on differences between happiness and bliss, causes for a human birth and other topics. The 500 spiritual aspirants covered readers of Sanatan Prabhat, well-wishers, spiritual aspirants, physicians, priests, businessmen, industrialists and devout Hindus.

H.H. Sadashiv Parab (1) of Sanatan Sanstha and spiritual aspirants listening to the guidance

After Mr. Vilas Vesnekar blew the conch Sadguru (Miss) Swati Khadye lit the oil lamp. Both the speakers were felicitated by Mrs. Deepa Ashok Bhat (niece of Sanatan Sanstha Saint H.H. Mrs. Shailaja Paranjape). Despite this discourse being organised at short notice the response to it was commendable. Sanatan Sanstha Saint H.H. Sadashiv (Bhau) also graced the occasion with His presence.

Feedback of some in the audience

1. Advocate (Mrs.) Priyanka Sankpal – The programme was organised systematically. Despite the crowd the seating arrangement was perfect. Usually speakers talk about their own achievements but your speakers elucidated the necessity of spiritual practice. After listening to the guidance I realised how our culture and traditions have been preserved through our values. Spiritual practice tunes a disturbed life and stabilises the wandering mind. It is the golden path to a happy life. So let us make efforts to preserve our cultural heritage. (Mrs. Priyanka expressed her willingness to visit the Sanatan ashram and her husband offered to help as well.)

2. Mr. Dhanaji Tipugade – The guidance was excellent.

3. Mrs. Deepa Telang – The guidance was delivered in a particular rhythm and since it was supported by Divine Energies I felt that it should go on. The topic of spiritual practice was impressed upon the subconscious mind. .

4. Mrs. Kirti Mangeshkar – The sattvikta here was like in a temple. Divine Energy could be perceived in Sadguru Swatitai.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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