Achardharma (Code of Conduct)

Achars (General Conduct)
associated with cleanliness
(Daily routine)
Karmas (Acts) to be performed
from dawn till dusk
Various Shlokas to be recited after waking up and their importance

Why is it necessary to avoid contact with the rays of the rising sun ?
the teeth
Actions required to be performed after cleansing the teeth


O Youth, how will
you well plan your day ?
Why bathing in the morning is more beneficial than bathing at night ?
Prayer and shlokas to be recited while bathing
Achars (General conduct) associated with bathing

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How do clothes we wear affect us Spiritually ?
How do the clothes
we wear affect us ?
Spiritual characteristics of various types of cloth
Comparison of washed and unwashed, new and used clothes

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Hair Care

Why should women keep long hair and men short hair?
Why should women bathe after combing their hair ?

Sattvik cooking

Conducts related to cooking and preparation of food
Achars related to usage
of vegetables in meals
Methods of cooking, appliances, their benefits and harm
Importance of love for others and spiritual emotion for God

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Important analysis
on digestion
Follow the diet timetable
to gain healthiness!
Give up junk food and
embrace Ayurveda
Code of conduct
while eating food

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How to Sleep better ? (Sound Sleep)

Importance of sound sleep
In which posture should you sleep ?
Tips for better sleep

FAQ’s regarding code of conduct

On which days
nails should to be cut?
Importance of storing water in earthen pot or copper utensil
Achars (General conduct)
associated with sweeping
How should the
floor be swabbed?