The Hindu Diet

Four to five decades ago, all family members would sit together for meals after washing their hands, legs and mouth, legs folded on a wooden seat and would commence their meals by reciting God’s Name.They would be served by the women in the house. Boys and girls in the house would be taught to arrange wooden seats and drinking water, to serve each food item in the plate, to clear the leftovers after meals and to clean the place with cow dung upon finishing the meals. Today, due to the decline in joint family system, influence of modernism and hectic life style, these aspects are neglected. Following the achars associated with meals and teaching them to the next generation has almost ceased.

Transforming process of
eating food into a Yadnyakarma
Frequently Asked Questions on Achars associated with meal
Do not use aluminium or
hindalium vessels for cooking
Ill effects of
artificial cold drinks

Follow the diet
timetable to gain healthiness!
Science underlying the achars
to be followed after a meal
Achars to be
followed before a meal
Science underlying the achars
to be followed while having a meal

Rules associated with
meals and meal timings
Code of conduct
while eating food
Achars associated
with meals
Drinking water
while eating

Give up junk food
and embrace Ayurveda
Should sweets be eaten at
the beginning or end of a meal ?
Important analysis
on digestion
Importance of certain food
items from spiritual perspective

Serving food
on plates
The method of
preparing rice is important !