An excellent response to exhibition of Sanatan Sanstha Holy texts held to commemorate Navaratri in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) – An exhibition of Holy texts and sattvik products of Sanatan Sanstha was organised at Durgakund, Sankata Devi temple, Natkeshwari temple of Natwa and Sankatmochan Dham temple at Kanpur. Simultaneously in Bihar exhibitions were put up at Durga Sthan on Gola Road, Muzffarpur, registry bazar at Sonpur, Durga temple ground, Ashok Nagar at Patliputra and at Shivakali Durga temple at Samastipur. There was an overwhelming response to these exhibitions from spiritual aspirants. We met several spiritual aspirants who had been eagerly waiting for Sanatan Sanstha Holy texts, religious almanacs (panchang) and sattvik products for several years. Some praised how this matter is unparalleled and not available in any other Holy texts.


A seventy year old man visited the Holy text exhibition on bicycle. He liked the topics of ‘Love Jihad’ and ‘Conversions’ and bought the Holy text on conversions. He said, “Information provided by these Holy texts is perfect and today it needs to go into every home.”


Incidents depicting the uniqueness of Sanatan
Sanstha Holy texts, Sanatan Prabhat and Sanatan panchang

1. A spiritual aspirant had traveled 150
kilometers to the exhibition to buy Sanatan Sanstha Holy texts

A spiritual aspirant had been searching for Sanatan Sanstha Holy texts for the past year and half. He learnt that Sanatan Sanstha Holy text exhibition was organised at Sankathamata temple. So he traveled 150 kilometers from Varanasi to the temple only to buy these Holy texts. He purchased 13 Holy texts and 12 Holy booklets. He informed how a year and half ago he had purchased 7 to 8 Holy texts of Sanatan Sanstha at Vrundavan after which he had been waiting for the exhibition again. He also stated how he has a collection of Holy texts of different organisations on varied topics and how Sanatan Sanstha Holy texts were unique.

2. Sanatan Sanstha Holy texts are unique – Narendra Pande, a spiritual aspirant

Mr. Narendra Pande had purchased Sanatan Sanstha Holy texts 2 years ago after which he had been on the lookout for this exhibition. Seeing the exhibition set up for Navaratri he was delighted and purchased some Holy texts. He said that the information in these Holy texts was precious and could not be found anywhere else.

3. I am proud to be a subscriber of Sanatan Prabhat- A spiritual aspirant, Gorakhpur

A spiritual aspirant from Gorakhpur was visiting the exhibition and learnt about activities of Sanatan Sanstha. He subscribed to the Sanatan Prabhat fortnightly and declared that he was proud to subscribe to it. He said that he liked how Sanatan Sanstha was performing the mission of awakening the Hindu sentiment in people and how it was striving to form a Hindu nation.

4. I was eagerly waiting for your exhibition
and the Sanatan panchang for a year – a spiritual aspirant

An individual had been searching for the Sanatan panchang for the past 4 to 5 years. Another had been eagerly waiting for our exhibition and the Sanatan panchang for a year.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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