Are you prepared for adverse times ?

Video – Survival Guide – Brief overview of preparations required to face adverse times


Predictions about adverse times

Predictions about the severe calamitous times
Predictions made by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Saints
Prediction by
author Sylvia Brown

How can you survive ?

Get prepared at various levels to face the adverse times, right now!
Do this
to prevent starving
Commence cultivation
of food grains
Buy or prepare long-lasting foods to
survive during the adverse times !
Do this to
prevent water starvation
Preparations for feasibility of
travel when fuels are not available
Start purchasing from now
the items of daily use

Planning about the alternatives to items of day-to-day use
What to stock &
what not to ?
Buying sufficient
stock of medicines
Familial preparedness for
the adverse times

How to deal with natural disasters ?

Today entire world, with India being no-exception, has been engulfed with extreme form of global issues. Number of seers have predicted turbulent and distressing times of cataclysmic proportions for the entire world. In coming times, there will be a surge in extreme natural disasters like Tsunami, earthquakes etc., to such an extent that even scientists are saying that we may have to leave our earth ! Entire humanity is getting a glimpse of these adverse times every day through the various events and mediums. With this, one can get an idea of the severity of the adverse times.

Horrifying nature of the global calamities
Do this before
buying a premises
Relocate from metros and urban areas to towns
Precautions to be taken before and after flood situation !

Actions required
during a storm !
Precautions required when
lightning flashes in the sky !

Increase your spiritual strength to face natural calamities

Do not feel scared – take autosuggestions !
Increase your spiritual strength to face natural calamities

Terrible state of emergency experienced by the people

Terrible state of emergency experienced by…

Spiritual practice in times of catastrophes such as the Corona pandemic !

Spiritual practice in times
of Corona pandemic !

How to survive adverse times ?

Techniques of firefighting
Protection from a nuclear attack
Medicinal Plants
Sow medicinal herbs
Eternal and everlasting science !

Useful for the World War times
Healing Therapy
Pranashakti flow system
Spiritual remedies on ailments
Empty boxes treatment
Spiritual healing remedy

Chants and Mantra
for Spiritual healing
Alleviating the pain from the body