A spiritual camp at Yaval (Jalgaon) by Sanatan Sanstha

Sadguru Nandakaumar Jadhav guiding spiritual aspirants at the camp

Jalgaon – On August 21, 2019 a camp was held for devout Hindus at the Vitthal temple on ‘Spiritual practice’. Sanatan’s Sadguru Nandakumar Jadhav guided spiritual aspirants at the camp on ‘Importance of chanting the Name of the Kuladevata (Family Deity), chanting ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ as need of the hour, how to overcome obstacles in spiritual practice, how to realise God by overcoming personality defects’ etc. 90 devout Hindus participated in this camp. After the camp they gave feedback that this camp had helped them to realise the importance of performing spiritual practice.


1. When Sadguru Jadhav was on his way to the temple at Yaval a calf came running and stood next to him.

2. After the usual artis (ritual of moving lit lamps to the tune of devotional songs) performed in the temple those present felt as if fire was emanating from the eyes of Deity Rakhumai.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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