Priti (Spiritual love) for others

s we attain the spiritual level of 70% we feel priti for others. Priti is unconditional and devoid of expectations. Worldly love is with expectations. Practicing Spirituality enhances sattvikta and generates an attitude of satisfying all animate and inanimate creation in the vicinity. We are able to see God in every object.

Sacrifice unto the Absolute Truth

Sacrifice does not mean giving away the belongings; it means getting rid of attachment to them. In the beginning, the Guru makes the disciple sacrifice belongings in his possession. Finally, when the attachment ceases, He showers him with abundance.

Satseva (Service unto the Absolute Truth)

Preparations are going on for a programme and everybody is busy with cleaning or decorating the place, cooking or cleaning utensils. When we are cleaning the place and a new person joins the group busy with cooking, we will not feel closeness for him. Instead, if he comes forward to assist us in the cleaning then we will feel drawn towards him. The same is true about the Guru.


Once Sage Vasistha and Sage Vishwamitra were debating the relative superiority of satsang and penance. Sage Vasistha proclaimed satsang to be superior; whereas Sage Vishwamitra said it was penance. Unable to decide, they went to the Deities. The Deities said, ‘‘Only Sheshanag (The serpent who holds the earth on its hood) is capable of answering the question.’’

Identify unpleasant incidents of the day that are obstacles in sadhana !

The average seekers experience that their efforts in vyashti and samashti sadhana progress satisfactorily. However, all of a sudden, these efforts slacken. The reasons for the slackening may not be comprehended at that time. After this, the seeker does not feel like making any further efforts to perform sadhana. This gets repeated the next day, and when several such days pass, negative thoughts start increasing.