Remedies for mental illness arising in an emergency

Extreme adverse conditions manifest during disasters like floods, earthquakes, riots, world wars etc. In such situations, incidents of mass destruction, fires and scattered dead bodies can be seen everywhere. Seeing or hearing such incidents, many suffer from mental instability, stress, anxiety, fear, inability to accept the situation, etc.

how to improve mental strength to face a terrible situation such as a riot

The conditions created during floods, earthquakes, riots, World wars etc are extremely adverse. There is devastation, fire, piles of dead bodies everywhere during such incidences. Seeing or hearing about such things may disturb the mind, induce worry or fear. Some may be unable to accept the situation.

Do you know, Yogic postures and pranayam accompanied with chanting enhances its benefits!

Today classes teaching yogic postures and pranayam are conducted in many nations around the world. Growing popularity of these classes is an indicator of how Yoga has been helping people. To find the subtle benefit derived from yogic postures and pranayam, a study was conducted. The readings derived are given ahead.

Spiritual experiences related to chanting and Guru’s grace obtained by Shri Atul Dev when a family member was diagnosed with Corona infection

Saints have been constantly making seekers conscious about maintaining seriousness and continuity in spiritual practice. With the onset of difficult times in the form of Corona outbreak, I could experience the predictions made by the Saints regarding upcoming calamitous period influenced by the destiny coming to reality.