Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy texts exhibited at the Delhi World Book Expo 

World Book Expo being held at Delhi from January 4 to 12, 2020

Seekers inaugurate the Hoy text exhibition with a prayer

New Delhi – A World Book Expo is being organised at the Pragati Maidan here from January 4 to 12, 2020. Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy texts are also a part of this exhibition. The inauguration was held on January 4, 2020 with the ceremony of lighting the lamp and a prayer.

Spiritual aspirants visit the Holy text stall

The Hindi Holy texts are exhibited in Hall 12 G, stalls 66 and 67 and the English Holy texts in Halls 8 to 11 in stall 268. These Holy texts cover the topics of Spirituality, national security, Dharma (Righteousness), attacks on Dharma, spiritual practice, religious acts, values for children (Balsanskar), Ayurveda etc. Till date Sanatan Sanstha has published 18,54,000 copies of 322 Holy texts in 17 languages.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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