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Date: 13 July 2022

On the day of Gurupurnima, the Guru Principle (Principle of God) is thousand times more active than on other days. On this day, disciples of every Guru perform their padya-puja (ritualistic worship of Sri Guru’s Holy feet) and give them Gurudakshina (an offering made to the Guru to express gratitude). This year we will be holding Gurupurnima celebrations online with Spiritual discourses in 9 languages. To participate from the comfort of your home, click on the links below !

Gurupurnima – Express gratitude unto the Guru

Gurupurnima (Vyas Puja)
express gratitude unto the Guru
Ritualistic worship
of the Guru
Message on the occasion of Gurupurnima
Rangoli to be drawn on Gurupournima

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Guru and Disciple

What is the importance of Guru?
The Guru-disciple relationship
The types of Disciple
Qualities of a disciple

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Donate towards Gurukarya on the occasion of Gurupournima

Gurupournima is the day on which we express gratitude to the Guru. On this day the strength of the Guru’s grace is a thousand times more active than other days. Hence those who serve the Guru and donate will benefit spiritually. Every year Sanatan Sanstha’s well-wishers, readers and donors avail this opportunity of obtaining the Guru’s grace. As the lockdown is in force this year well-wishers can donate online from the comfort of their home. We request those who are eager to donate to make use of this facility. Your Donation will go towards Sanatan Sanstha’s mission of serving the Nation and Dharma.