After death

To make human life worthwhile, if a person follows the rules stated in Hindu Dharma and acts accordingly, the life of a jiva (Embodied soul) can become fruitful and even its Mrutyudharma (Life after death) can become blissful, meaning, one that does not lead to Hell. For this, it is necessary to perform continuous sadhana (Spiritual practice), thereby creating an impression of God’s Name on the chitta (Subconscious mind) and going beyond the stage of body-awareness. Merging with Mrutyudharma amounts to overcoming the cycle of birth and death.

Preparation for the
cremation and the funeral process
Initial rites to be
performed at home after death
Rituals of
Rituals after

Rituals to be
performed at
home after death
Rituals to be
performed on the same
day after cremation
Performing ‘Palashvidhi’, if the final rites cannot be performed on the dead body of a person deceased due to ‘Corona virus’ infection !
Importance of chanting
God’s name at the
time of the death