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Sanatan ashram is a place where one gets to experience the Ramrajya ! : Shri Chetan Rajhauns, Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha, Goa

The Sanatan ashram at Ramnathi, Goa is the headquarters of Sanatan Sanstha ! It’s a model of Hindu Rashtra where one can experience the Ramrajya. This ashram has been a source of inspiration and has guided many people in spirituality. A lot of foreign seekers also have benefitted from this ashram. Around 400 seekers who stay at ashram, live a life of discipline. But amidst all this discipline there exists a selfess love among all seekers and hence this has become a family of 400 seekers. Its proven that one can experience ram rajya with the formation of homogenous group of people seeking self realisation as in the case of Sanatan ashram.Its a request to one and all to visit the Sanatan ashram.

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