Spread of Spirituality

In the current times due to lack of spiritual practice the sattvikta in society has deteriorated tremendously leading to corruption, murder, riots etc. To increase the sattvikta of society thousands of seekers are spreading Spirituality in society sacrificing the body, mind and wealth.


A. Spiritual programmes conducted by the Sanstha and mediums of spreading Spirituality

This is being spread through discourses, satsangs and balsanskar classes (to inculcate values)


1. Discourses

In Bharat and abroad guidance is given through discourses, on spiritual practice for a happy living, spiritual practice for stress-free living, spiritual practice as per Path of Guru’s Grace (Gurukrupayoga), information on Deities such as Shiva, Datta etc. Holy festivals and religious festivities.

Discourses on preserving moral values

Deteriorating moral values is the subject of worry today. Moral values can be preserved easily through the medium of Spirituality. Free discourses on ‘Preserving moral values’ are conducted in schools, colleges and teachers’ training workshops. This discourse also teaches how to change your personality and thought process through spiritual practice.


2. Weekly satsang

More than 1300 satsangs are being conducted in 12 languages in 7 countries.

– Vast spread of Dharmashikshan and not sectarian practice

– Guidance on how to overcome personality defects and ego for a healthy living and for spiritual practice to occur smoothly, and guidance on awakening of spiritual emotion

To increase spiritual practice and for it to occur appropriately guidance given through discourses is insufficient.  Regular satsang is essential for it. On behalf of the Sanstha at more than 1300 venues, satsangs are conducted in Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, English, Malyalam, Telugu etc. free of cost. At these satsangs guidance is given in theory and practical on how to chant as per Dharma and achieve further stages in the Path of Guru’s Grace (Gurukrupayoga), explanation of implied meaning of spiritual quotes and calirification of doubts of seekers on Spirituality and spiritual practice. Seekers are guided on obstacles in spiritual practice. Various opportunities of seva are provided to seekers to ensure spiritual progress and to receive the blessings of a Guru fast through the spread of Spiriutality. As part of protection of the nation and awakening of Dharma different campaigns of social awakening are organised.


3. Balsanskarvarga

Guidance on conduct, overcoming defects and building virtues as per Hindu culture

If good values are inculcated in children then later they develop a virtuous personality. Spiritual practice helps in creating good values in children. More than 500 balsanskarvargas are being conducted on behalf of the Sanstha to teach children the importance of spiritual practice in a simple manner. Balsanskar workshops are also held all over.


4. Workshops

Four to five hour workshops are being organised on behalf of the Sanstha for spiritual aspirants studying Spirituality and for seekers conducting satsangs. It gives theoretical information on different topics in detail. Also queries of seekers are answered and they are trained for learning advanced topics in Spirituality.


5. Satsang get-togethers

Satsangs are organised at the taluka or district level to bring seekers and society together. Discourses guiding on spiritual practice are delivered there. So that closeness develops between seekers and they share their efforts and planning at different levels and exchange ideas group discussions of seekers are held. They are also made to narrate their spiritual experiences here.


6. Gurupournima celebrations

Organising discourses on spiritual practice and national
security along with preservation of the Guru-disciple tradition of Hindus !

Gurupournima has an extraordinary importance in the life of a seeker. On this day gratitude is expressed unto the Guru. In comparison with participation in other spiritual events participation in this event benefits manifold. The Sanstha organises discourses on this day to explain the importance of Gurupournima and spiritual practice in life. Seekers both within the country and abroad celebrate Guurpournima in their respective regions.


7. Resident workshops

To teach active seekers more on spiritual practice and to make the mission of the Sanstha more effective and well-planned, on behalf of the Sanstha resident workshops are conducted for seekers in some states in which seekers from different states participate.


8. Vedapathashala

This is a school which creates priest seekers who perform religious rituals from the Path of Rituals (Karmakand) as their spiritual practice. This school produces priests who will provoke society to follow Dharma through their conduct, thoughts and lifestyle. They will guide society appropriately  towards God-realisation.


9. Rallies for social awareness

Rallies are organised to create social awareness on spiritual practice and to awaken Dharma in Hindus. To make them aware of attacks on Hindus, exposure of conspiracies against Hindus, challenges placed before Hindus  when revealed makes the Hindu society vigilant


10. Street plays

Street plays depicting the present deteriorating social scenario are enacted and the common man is taught ways of getting out of these situations. `


11.  Education on Dharma through cable and online tools

Online satsangs, Dharmasatsangs, readers’ meets, press conferences etc are organised. Also social awareness and education on Dharma is imparted through VCD’s played on cable network.


12. Creating awareness on Dharma through flex boards

Flex boards of Sanatan imparting education on Dharma serve as a pillar of support in the continuous spread of Dharma. Today due to decrease in sattvikta in society morality has deteriorated. Sattvikta in society can increase only with observance of Dharma. However today the state of Hindus is pitiable, they are not imparted religious education anywhere not even in the temple. To make matters worse aping the West has made Hindus forget their culture. To enable Hindus to receive Dharmashikshan (religious education) easily flex boards on various spiritual actions with explanation of the science underlying it, on different topics such as how to take darshan of a Deity in a temple, importance of chanting, Ganapati, Shiva, Navaratri, marriage, post-death rites such as shraddha etc. are created by the Sanatan Sanstha, in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada etc. and are permanently installed in public places such as temples, wedding halls, crematoriums etc.

Everyday Dainik Sanatan Prabhat provides matter which can be written on a blackboard for public display. The webpage for this is  available on sanatanprabhat.org. You too can participate in this mission by writing this matter for Dharmashikshan, on a blackboard accessible to the public.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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