Visiting a Temple

Importance of
Devalay (Temple)
Importance of the Idol of
the tortoise in a Devalay (Temple)
The seven layers in
the arrangement of a Devalay

Appropriate ways of taking darshan in a Temple

The correct
method of visiting
a Devalay (Temple)
Actions to be performed
before entering a Devalay (Temple)
and the underlying science
How should
we climb the steps
of a Devalay (Temple)?
Why should we have darshan
(viewing) of the kalash as soon as
we enter a Temple premises?

How should one
enter the Sabhamandap
(Hall) in a Devalay (Temple)?
Science underlying
partaking Tirth,
Prasad and doing Chanting
How many pradakshinas (circumambulations)
should be performed around a Deity ?
Actions to be
performed while
leaving the Devalay (Temple)

FAQs regarding darshan
(viewing) in a Devalay (Temple
Importance of donating
after having darshan