Sanatan Sanstha participates in the discussion on marital problems held at Dhule

Mrs. Kshipra Juwekar addressing the gathering

Dhule – A one day workshop on ‘Marital problems’ was held here today on behalf of ‘Agrawal Community Biodata Bank Committee’ on Monday 31, 2019. During the first session of this workshop Mrs. Kshipra Juwekar of Sanatan Sanstha gave guidance on ‘Expectations of youth and reality’. The topic ‘Marital Problems- Causes and Solutions’ was delivered by Mr. G.B. Modi. The third session on ‘Marriage and Divorce – Causes and Solutions’ was delivered by Advocate Rajesh Agrawal.

When speaking on ‘Expectations of youth and the reality’ Mrs. Juwekar said “Today when elderly people visit a home, children do not converse with them. Children go to their parents only to procure the mobile phone from them.

In every household family members remain preoccupied with mobile phones so they do not converse with each other freely. In a county like United States one out of every five people requires psychiatric help. Even the student from the class VII is under stress. Highly educated youth commit suicide for insignificant reasons, some become addicts. Marriage is one of the sixteen sanskar (rites) performed in life, as per Hindu Scriptures and today it is not being conducted meticulously. Ignoring the auspicious moment (muhurt) for performing the marriage rites, throwing akshata (rice grains smeared with vermilion) from far, lifting the bridge during garlanding of the couple, bursting firecrackers, dancing vulgarly to the tune of the disk jockey, fixing attention on the food and such other showy things are malpractices observed in today’s wedding ceremonies. Consequently blessings of Deities are not received. Performing the marriage rite appropriately too is important for a happy married life.”

When speaking on the solutions to marital problems she further said,”There are many reasons for divorce, one of them being dissatisfied souls of deceased ancestors. To overcome the problem chant “Shri Gurudev Datta” and the Name of your Kuldevata (Family Deity). In short, today, culture will be preserved only if you abide by Dharma.”

Those present at that time were President of the Agrawal Samaj Mr. Vinodji Mittal, Mrs. Mina Mittal, Mr. Shah Agrawal , Mr. Dinesh Agrawal, Mr. Shashi Agrawal, Mr.Shrikant Agrawal, Mr. Sitaram Agrawal , Mr. Gowardhan Modi etc.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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