Sanatan Sanstha is a leading organization that follows the path shown by Sages and Seers and Saints- Mahants for progress of nation and Dharma by keeping ‘Dharma-shaastra’ as base. The perspective given by Sanatan Sanstha is not only for spiritual progress of a person but Sanatan has always given importance to progress of nation and Dharma. Various drives are therefore, undertaken such as propagation of spirituality, protection of nation and Dharma towards accomplishing this goal.

‘Dharmo Rakshti Rakshitah’ means one who abides by Dharma, is protected by Dharma i.e. God. If Dharma is destroyed, even the nation would face disaster within no time. Sanatan is actively working for removing indifference towards Dharma amongst people; for prevention of evil tendencies wearing mask of Dharma and creating problems and for explaining true Dharma to people.

Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha, Avoid emulating western culture, Prevent denigration of Deities; Exhibition of boards on Dharmashikshan; Prevention of malpractices in celebrating religious festivals; Bringing back Hindus converted by non-Hindus; Attempts for eradication of superstitions; ‘Dharmajagruti during ‘Kumbh-melas’; Cleaning of temples; Management of religious fairs (jatra); Creating awareness towards maintaining purity of rivers and pilgrimage places

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Activities conducted