Udayanand Swami from Udupi (Karnataka), with the Divine potential to comprehend the subtle, visits Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram at Goa

Mr. Vaibhav Mangaonkar (on the right) giving Udayanand Swami information on Sanatan Prabhat periodicals

Ramnathi (Goa) – On December 2, 2019 Udayanand Swami paid a visit to Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram. Sanatan Sanstha’s seeker Mr. Vaibhav Mangaonkar gave him information on activities towards the welfare of the nation and Dharma being carried out in the ashram. Though known as Udayanand Swami his name is Anant Padmanabhswami and he has been gifted with the ability to receive subtle knowledge since birth. He has been receiving Divine knowledge on vastushastra (science of premises), sankhyashastra (numerology), Ayurveda, music etc.


1. Udayanand Swami has immense potential to perceive the subtle

During his visit to the ashram Swamiji held workshops for seekers on sankhyashastra, Ayurveda and other subjects. When elaborating upon sankhyashastra Swamiji asked some seekers their dates of birth and then told them their personality traits and future with respect to spiritual progress accurately. Though Swamiji has no formal education in Ayurveda he has received this knowledge in the subtle. So the Ayurvedic remedies that he suggests match those prescribed by formally trained vaidyas.


2. Virtues of humility and being in a
state of a disciple in  Udayanand Swami

A. Swamiji repeatedly emphasised that he was visiting the ashram to study, not teach.

B. During his stay in the ashram he was given a bed with bolsters and pillows but instead of sleeping on it he placed the picture of his Guru Nityanand Swami on it and slept on another bed.


3. Udayanand Swami sings praises of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

A. Your Guru has immense energy sufficient to nurture not just seekers from the ashram but millions outside.

B. Without visiting the room of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, in the subtle, he perceived that the tap in His room emits the sound of Omkar. This fact was corroborated by seekers.


4. Udayanand Swami appreciates the Sanatan ashram

A. The mission of Sanatan Sanstha is excellent and is occurring only because of Gurudev who is Shri Vishnu Personified. The Sanatan ashram is the real Vaikunth (abode of Shri Vishnu).

B. A seeker wishing to transform himself has to live here.

C. I believe that merits of past births has brought me here.

D. The Sanatan ashram is a role model for an ideal ashram so representatives of all ashrams should come here and learn its system of functioning.

E. There is so much positivity in the ashram that it is conducive for meditation.

F. While consuming a meal (mahaprasad) in the ashram Swamiji said that he perceived a lot of sattvik vibrations in it.


5. Udayanand Swamiji’s guidance to Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers

A. A Guru struggles to find his disciple His only objective being bringing about his spiritual progress.

B. Every seeker has to have deep faith that the Guru is within him and that he alone will bring about his spiritual progress.

C. He also assured that His Guru Nityanand is showering His grace on all seekers and that He would not allow any disaster to be fall on Gurudev and Sanstha’s Sanatan seekers.


6. Thoughts of Udayanand Swami about the upcoming adverse times

A. In future there is a threat to the three cities of  Bengaluru, Mangaluru and Mumbai.

B. If constructing a home then build only 2 storeys as there is a risk to taller buildings.


7. Other invaluable thoughts of Udayanand Swami

A. Western music may cause mental disturbance but reciting Holy verses (shlokas) or hearing the sound of the small drum (damru) awakens the spiritual energy (kundalini) in a seeker.

B. In the material world people are struggling to get temporary happiness which they regret later. Yet no one strives to get eternal happiness.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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