Sanatan’s Dharmarath (chariot of Righteousness) is a flow of Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) ! – H.B.P. Krishnarao Kshirsagar Maharaj

Propagating Dharma through the Dharmarath at Satara

H.B.P. Krishnarao Kshirsagar Maharaj being shown the Holy text exhibition by seeker Mr. Sagar Mhatre

Satara – Senior kirtankar of the Varkari sect H.B.P. Krishnarao Kshirsagar Maharaj when inaugurating the Dharmarath parked opposite the Ajinkya Ganapati in the Rajwada locality glorified Sanatan Sanstha saying that Sanatan Sanstha is propagating the Hindu Dharma in the most adverse circumstances with great dedication. To perform this mission it has devised a technique to spread Dharma fast. The Dharmarath imparts religious education to Hindus, teaches how to observe Dharma and propagates it to society. In fact it is a flow of Divine Consciousness. He said further,

1. The mission of establishing a Hindu nation is taking shape based on the conceptualization by Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Jayant Athavale. The mission has gained momentum through periodicals, social networking sites, classes imparting religious education, Dharmajagruti Sabhas, conventions etc.

2. This mission being blessed by great Saints has spread both within the country and abroad within a short time span.

3. We too should fulfill our duties unto Dharma by participating in the mission of national security and awakening of Dharma, physically, psychologically and by offering monetary assistance.

Seeker Mr. Sagar Mhatre on the Dharmarath gave H.B.P. Krishnarao Kshirsagar Maharaj information on the Holy texts exhibited in the Dharmarath. This Dharmarath will remain at Rajwada, Satara till June 11, 2019 and is open to public from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. An exhibition of Sanatan compiled Holy texts, sattvik Namestrips of Deities, pictures of Deities, products such as incense sticks camphor etc will be on sale on it. Organizers made an appeal to devout Hindu residents of Satara and Panchakroshi to take benefit of this exhibition.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat