Knowledge on the science of idols being imparted by Sanatan Sanstha is extremely useful – Datta Juwekar, Ganesh idol sculptor, Goa

Ganesh idol sculptor Mr. Datta Juwekar

Kepe – The information on idols given by Sanatan Sanstha is extremely useful is what a Ganesh idol sculptor from Betul, Kepe, Mr. Datta Juwekar said. Mr. Juwekar has been rendering this seva of sculpting Ganesh idols for the past six decades. When conversing with representative of Sanatan Prabhat, idol sculptor Mr. Datta Juwekar said, “I have been sculpting Ganesh idols since the age of 15 years. These idols have to be made from clay as this material attracts greater amounts of frequencies of the Deity during worship. Besides after immersion it dissolves in water helping in spread of the Ganesh Principle from the idol into the environment which benefits all. Hence, we, that is me and now my children have been making only clay idols of Ganapati. Every year we make about 250 idols. I strongly oppose the sale of idols of plaster of paris or any other material, for monetary gain.”

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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