Imparting Dharmashikshan (religious education) in simple language is the characteristic of Sanatan Sanstha – Mr. Ramakant Goswami, Vrundavan

Kumbha Mela Prayagraj 2019 

On the dais from left to right Mr. Ramakant Goswami, and Mr. Chetan Rajhans guiding devotees

Prayagraj (Kumbhanagari), February 27, 2019 (news) – Sanatan Sanstha  is performing the mission of imparting Dharmashikshan to devotees in today’s times in simple language which is in fact its characteristic. As part of that mission an exhibition of Dharmashikshan has been put up at the Kumbha site. Katha narrator  from Vrundavan and disciple of Shri Jibaba, Mr. Ramakant Goswami when narrating a katha in Shri Jibabanagar pandal stated that Holy booklets published by Sanatan Sanstha also impart Dharmashikshan in lucid language .


 Bath in the Ganga with spiritual emotion – Mr.Chetan Rajhans

When guiding devotees on observing Dharma Mr. Chetan Rajhans said that in the Kumbha Mela bathing in the Ganga has special significance, its purpose being expiating sin and getting deceased ancestors liberated. You feel dejected about the infinite sins that you have committed and for overcoming them you pray to the Divine river Ganga. If you have no remorse for your sins then why will River Ganga cleanse you of them ? In addition Mr. Rajhans explained the importance of observing Dharma, celebrating a birthday as per date of Hindu  lunar calendar (tithi) and how to pay respects to a Deity in an temple.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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