Mr. Santosh Sadashiv Dabhade (Mauli) devotee of Nath sect hailing from Miraj pays a goodwill visit to Sanatan’s ashram in Ramnathi (Goa)

Mr. Ram Honap of Sanatan (on the left) in conversation with Mr. Santosh Sadashiv Dabhade (Mauli)

Ramnathi, Goa – Mr. Santosh Sadashiv Dabhade (Mauli) of Miraj paid a goodwill visit to the Sanatan ashram on September 24, 2019. Sanatan Sanstha’s seeker Mr. Prashant Koyande gave information on the mission with respect to the nation and Dharma and spiritual research being carried out in the ashram in the presence of his son Mr. Mayur Dabhade and Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers. Mr. Ram Honap from the subtle-knowledge section of Sanatan Sanstha conversed with him.

He guided seekers performing spiritual practice through the medium of music in Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay. He also answered queries pertaining to the nation and Dharma through his subtle-knowledge. He emphatically stated how a Hindu nation would be established in 2023.


After learning about the mission in the ashram Mr. Dabhade (Mauli) said,

1. I was looking forward to visiting the ashram for the past 5 years and was blessed with that opportunity today.

2. In the ashram along with seekers one can perceive tremendous Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) in non-living objects.

3. The way seekers obey the Guru here is not seen elsewhere.


After visiting the room in the ashram formerly occupied by Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale Mr. Dabhade (Mauli) said, “Generally a spiritual state is achieved by undertaking spiritual practice but here it is occurring easily.”


A brief introduction to Mr. Santosh Sadashiv Dabhade (Mauli)

Mr. Santosh Sadashiv Dabhade (Mauli) is associated with the Nath sect and he has been receiving subtle-knowledge since his being in class IV. He has performed spiritual healing in thousands of devotees living in society. Many have experienced the effect of his Divine healing. Despite being a scholar in tabla (Indian drums) he also excels in healing therapy, reiki and is a third degree black belt in martial arts. He is a regular reader of the Dainik Sanatan Prabhat.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat