Office bearers and volunteers of Rashtriya Yuva Hindu Vahini visit Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram

From left to right Mr. Manoj Dikshit, Mr. Narayan Prasad Pandey, Mr. Dharmendra Shukla, Mahant Goswami Anurag and Mr. Avinash Tiwari being apprised about Dainik Sanatan Prabhat by Mr. Nilesh Chitale

Ramnathi (Goa) – Office bearers and volunteers of Rashtriya Yuva Hindu Vahini from Uttar Pradesh paid a visit to Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram on December 18, 2019. National President of Rashtriya Yuva Hindu Vahini  Mahant Goswami Anurag, National President of the Gau Vibhag Mr. Dharmendra Shukla, Uttar Pradesh Vahini Regional President Mr. Manoj Dikshit, Goa State President Mr. Avinash Tiwari and Goa State Region In-charge Mr. Narayan Prasad Pandey were explained activities pertaining to the nation and Dharma and spiritual research being carried out in the ashram by Sanatan Sanstha seeker Mr. Nilesh Chitale. On the occasion Mahant Goswami Anurag was honoured by Sanatan Sanstha National Spokesperson Mr. Chetan Rajhans. Mr. Rajhans discussed the prevailing state of the nation and Dharma and screened a compact disc on the activities of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in spheres of the nation and Dharma. After viewing it they spontaneously stated how much such missions were necessary today.


Feedback about the Sanatan ashram

1.    Mahant Goswami Anurag

The Sanatan ashram is incomparable, sattvik, unique and one endowing religious peace. In the ashram one becomes aware of the purity of the Hindu Dharma and the rejuvenation of Sanatan values.

2.    Narayan Prasad Pandye

The mission carried out by Sanatan Sanstha of preaching the Hindu Dharma and values using the basis of science, is beyond compare. There is a need for such ashrams of the Sanstha in every region.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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