Spiritual characteristics of Deity Shiva

To neutralise the heat generated in His body by performing severe austerities, Shiva makes use of cooling agents such as the river Ganga, the moon, serpents etc. and lives in the snowclad Kailas mountain.

How to take darshan of Shiv pindi ?

Hindu Dharma prescribes that one must have darshan of Nandi by touching both its horns, before having darshan of the pindi. This is known as Shrungadarshan.

Family of God Shiva (Part 1)

Family of Deity Shiva comprises of Devi Parvati, sons Kartikeya & Shri Ganapati, Shivaganas and other infant Deities.

12 Jyotirlinga

There are 12 Jyotirlinga and they are the major places of worship of Shiva. They materialised in a radiant form.