Shri Lakshmi Rangoli designs

Draw Shri Lakshmi Rangoli which is assosciated with the Principle Shri Lakshmi devi on Tuesday, Friday, on the occasions like Shri Mahalakshmi-vrat & Lakshmi-pujan

Rangolis to attract and emit Devi tattva

Rangoli is an art which precedes sculpture and painting. It is both an auspicious and a preliminary necessity in any religious ritual. It is a practice to draw Rangoli at the site of any auspicious religious ritual such as a holy festival, a religious festival, an auspicious function, ritualistic worship, a vowed religious observance, etc..

Rangolis that attract and emit Shriram tattva

Draw sattvik rangolis that attract and emit ShriRam tattva (Principle) at home or in the temple, before worshipping Shriram and on Ramnavami. The environment is charged with Shriram tattva and the devotees benefit from it.