Pure Ash is known as bhasma., the remains of samidha (Sacrificial firewood) and ghee (Clarified butter) after they are burnt in a Yadnya (Sacrificial fire) are known as bhasma.

Forms of God Shiva (Part 2)

This article highlights valuable information on different forms of Shiva like Vetal, Bhutanatha & Nataraj.

God Shiva’s Mission

Understand Deity Shiva’s mission, its spiritual importance etc in detail.

God Shiva and His various Names

This article provides comprehensive information about the origin and spiritual meaning of the words Shiva, Shankar, Mahankaleshwar, Mahadev, Gangadhar etc.

Forms of God Shiva (Part 1)

This article highlights valuable information on Rudra, Kalabhairav, Veerabhadra, Bhairavanatha, Nataraj etc forms of Shiva and their mission. Thus explaining vastness of Shiva’s functions.


Adorning a rudraksha-mala while worshipping Shiva is ideal. Followers of the Natha and Vama sects and Kapaliks especially use the rudraksha.


Everyone is familiar with Shiva’s Natraj form, especially one who is associated with the fields of art and literature. In this article you will find information on this form of Shiva

God Shiva

The following article will help devotees of God Shiva get scripturally accurate and authoritative information about the meaning of God Shiva’s Principle, His physical attributes and His family.