Shri Attivarad Perumal Swami, Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu)

‘Shiv-Kanchi’ and ‘Vishnu-Kanchi’ are the two twin Mokshapuris. Shrivishnu temple at ‘Vishnu-Kanchi’ is one of the 108 divine places of Shrivishnu and it is called as Shri Varadraj Perumal Mandir. This temple has a huge importance in Hindu Dharma. The ancient idol of Varadraj Shri Vishnu is taken out of the pond, after every 40 years, so that devotees can have darshan of it.

Gomutra is very effective in controlling water pollution !

The students of Shivaji University viz. Prashant Savalkar and Rhutuja Mandavkar are the two young scientists who have disintegrated silver metal with the help of ‘gomutra’ of native ‘Geer’ cows, making silver nanoparticles from the same. It has been found that such nano-silver particles can be used for the purification of water that has been contaminated with effluents thrown by the textile industry, making the water strongly poisonous.

Virtuous Bharat, a jewel in the crown of devotees of Shriram

Even in this period of calamity many received solace and peace viewing the incidents from the lives of Prabhu Shriram and Shrikrushna and Their devotees and witnessed their Divine play. This also gave the audience the spiritual strength to face the coronavirus crisis. As the Holy texts in Sanatan Dharma are enriched with Spirituality they will never get outdated and that is precisely why repeated reading of these Holy texts endows the spiritual experiences of only Bliss and peace even today.