Devotee Pundalik

Once upon a time, Devi Rukhmini, displeased with Shrikrushna, left for the forest Dindir in Pandharpur.

Difference between present day Hindus and our ancestors

We hear of how man has made tremendous progress with the changing times. Scientists have made discoveries in various fields and today man is capable of even going to planets beyond the moon. Every day we hear and read such news. But in reality is this progress ?

Dance drama of ‘Ramayan’ performed in Prambanan temple in the island of Java in Indonesia

1. Ramayan given preference in Muslim-majority Indonesia In Indonesia, which has 95 percent Muslim population today, everyone was a Hindu 400 years ago. This fact is supported by most of the Indonesians. Despite being Muslims these people have names such as Vishnu, Surya, Rama, Bheeshma, Yudhisthir and Bheem. Despite being Muslims they give preference to … Read more

The glory of Shrikshetra Neera-Narsinhapur

Shrikshetra Neera-Nrusinhapur is situated on the confluence of rivers Neera and Bheema to the North-East of Pune district. Those whose family Deity is Shri Nrusinha, should certainly visit this place of pilgrimage and pay obeisance to Shri Nrusinha. The Padma Puran states that once Deity Indra abducted Kayadhu, the wife of Hiranyakashapu, when she was pregnant.


On specific days at specific times with specialised instruments the Divine consciousness at Alandi can be measured.

The Amarnath Yatra that bestows humans with the merit of visiting 23 holy places of pilgrimage

As per religious beliefs, vision of the ice Shivalinga in Amarnath cave bestows 10 times the merit gained by paying obeisance to Shivlinga in Kashi, 100 times the merit gained by paying obeisance in Prayag and 1000 times the merit obtained by paying obeisance in Naimisharanya. That is why even today millions of Hindus go on a pilgrimage to Amarnath with wholehearted devotion.