Shri Vitthal – the Deity from Pandharpur !

‘Shri Vitthal is My incarnation. Hence, I have assumed the form of Shri Vitthal by being smeared with curd and milk. Though the Scriptures (Shastras and Purans) state that the complexion of Shri Vitthal is dusky, but after being consecrated ( with curd and milk) it has become fair endowing Him with the name of Pandurang.’ – Shrikrushna

Chants of Shri Ganesh

Ganapati is the nurturer, master (swami) of the directions. (According to one school of thought, Ganapati is the master of the ten directions. Hence any auspicious task or the ritualistic worship of any other deity is commenced with the ritualistic worship of Deity Ganapati. Once Ganapati clears the directions, the deity one is worshipping can manifest itself there.