Spiritual science underlying the ritual of offering a bel (aegle marmelos) leaf to Deity Shiva

How to offer bel as per the Saviour
(Tarak) or Destroyer (Marak) modes of worship ?

Technique of offering bel leaves to the Shivapindi

A bel leaf carries the Saviour Shiva Principle while its stalk carries the Destroyer Shiva Principle

1. Worshipper of Shiva’s Saviour form

As the temperament of the average worshipper is saviour in nature worship of Shiva’s Saviour form matches his constitution and is conducive for his spiritual progress. To derive benefit from Shiva’s Saviour Principle these worshippers should direct the stalk of the bel leaf towards the Shivapindi and its tip towards the self when offering it  (बिल्वं तु न्युब्जं स्वाभिमुखाग्रं च ।).

2. Worshipper of Shiva’s Destroyer form

Those belonging to the Shakta sect perform worship of Shiva’s Destroyer form. To benefit from Shiva’s Destroyer Principle such worshippers should face the tip of the leaf towards the Shivapindi and the stalk towards the self.

There are two types of particles in the Shivapindi – ahat (created from evaporation of water falling on the Shivapindi) and anahat (subtle). Offer trifoliate bel leaves which have the ability to absorb three types of particles to Deity Shiva. Tender bel leaves can unite sound (ahat ) (language of sound – nadbhasha) and anahat (language of light – prakashbhasha). When offering the leaf it should be placed in the upside down position with the stalk towards the self so that energy from the three leaves comes towards you. The combined energy of these three particles helps in reducing the three components.

Based on the method of offering bel benefit of the
Shiva Principle at the vyashti (individual) and samashti (societal) levels

When you offer bel with the stalk towards the Shivapindi and tip facing you the proportion of Shiva Principle being emitted through the bel leaf into the environment, is higher. Due to this technique you derive benefit from the Shiva Principle at the samashti level. On the other hand if the stalk of the bel leaf is directed towards yourself and its tip faces the Shivapindi then  the Shiva Principle  being emitted from the stalk is obtained only to the one offering it. This technique helps to benefit from the Shiva Principle at the vyashti level.

Why should the bel leaf be offered in the upside down position ?

By offering a bel leaf on the Shivapindi in the upside down position vibrations at a Nirgun (non-materialised) level are emitted from it in greater amounts. Thus the devotee benefits from the bel leaf to a greater extent. If fresh bel leaves are not available then withered ones may be used. However bel leaves taken from a tree on Monday cannot be used the following day.

–    Miss Priyanka Lotlikar, Sanatan Sanstha

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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