Photographic Divine vision of some places which have experienced Shrikrishna’s blissful presence !

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The milkmaid devotees of Shrikrishna are engrossed in the supreme bliss, they experience the bond of spiritual emotion with Shrikrishna at every moment. They teach all, the devotion unto God drenched with sweetness. This land has been blessed with their holy feet.

One who understands that there is no other friend, Guru, parent akin to Shrikrishna, is the real devotee ! A devotee who unequivocally surrenders to Shrikrishna gets freed from the worldly life. To enable increasing one’s spiritual emotion towards Shrikrishna, photographs of holy places associated with His Divine life are given ahead. Let us try to experience the Divine presence of Shrikrishna through the medium of these photographs.

Jagatguru Shrikrishna is a complete incarnation. He is the epitome of devotion, knowledge and acts

Gokul, which experienced the Divine child plays of Gopal.

Madhav Kunj lane (Shrikrishna and His childhood friends used to eat the stolen homemade butter at this place and at times also hide here)

Vrundavan : The holy place that is completely indulged in Shrikrishna and drenched with devotion towards God

Murlidhar plays melodious tunes on flute. Below this Bansivat, milkmaid devotees of Shrikrishna assemble accompanied by birds and animals ! Shrikrishna used to play His Divine flute under this banyan tree named as Bansivat.


This is the central place for playing rasleela. Shrikrishna plays rasleela along with His milkmaid devotees every night at this place.

Visit Dwarka to experience the Divine presence of Shrihari

Deity Vishwakarma had created this temple of Bhagwan Shrikrishna within a night after reciting 4 Vedas. This ancient temple is 5000 years old.

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