Main places of pilgrimage of Deity Datta

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1. Mahur : Kinavat taluka, Nanded district, Maharashtra.

2. Girnar : Near Junagadh, Saurashtra. This holy place has 10,000 steps.

3. Karanja : The birthplace of Shri Nrusinha Sarasvati. It is also known as Lad-Karanje. Brahmananda Sarasvati of Kashi first built a temple of Deity Datta here.

4. Audumbar : In the four months from Ashadh to Karthik of the Hindu lunar calendar, Shri Nrusinha Sarasvati lived here. This place is on the banks of the river Krushna and situated at 10 kilometres from Bhilvadi railway station in Maharashtra.

5. Narsobawadi : This is located in Maharashtra. Shri Nrusinha Sarasvati lived here for 12 years. It is on the confluence of rivers Krushna and Panchganga and the place which inspired Tembeswami.

All the pilgrimage places of Deity Datta are extremely jagrut (Area where the divinity in the Deity is in an ‘awakened’ state). Many devotees get subtle experience of Divine Energy after visiting these places. The below spiritual experience depicts how much jagrut the pilgrimage place of Narsobawadi is.

Feeling uneasy in the temple of Deity Datta at Nrusinhawadi, due to the distress of negative energies, followed by weakness and headache

Myself, my wife and my mother-in-law visited the temple of Deity Datta at Nrusinhawadi near Sangli. I started feeling uneasy a little while after going there. After paying obeisance to the Deity as I started circumambulations, the uneasiness increased with every circumambulation. Still, I felt that some positive energy was pushing me ahead. Later, I had a headache for a few hours and was feeling weak the whole day. – a seeker

(When an individual having negative energy distress visits a jagrut place like Narsobawadi, the negative energy is unable to bear the sattvikata of the holy place and there is a possibility of manifestation of the distressing energy. The seeker feeling uneasiness in Deity Datta’s temple is a sign of such distress. Still, if the seeker has spiritual emotion for God, God helps him which was observed from the positive energy helping seeker to take circumambulation. Since the seeker’s body became the battlefield for the war between Divine consciousness present at the pilgrimage place and the distressing energy in him, as an effect of the battle, the seeker felt his vital energy going down. Due to this, the seeker experienced weakness and headache – Editor.)

6. Ganagapur : This is situated in Karnataka on the Pune – Raichur highway. The confluence of the rivers Bhima and Amaraja occurs here. It is here that Shri Nrusinha Sarasvati spent twenty-three years and carried out His entire mission. Later He proceeded to Shri Shailya from here.

7. Kuravpur : This is an island in the waters of the Krushna river in Karnataka. One can reach this destination by road from Raichur till Palladini (Kurguddi). This is where Shripad Shrivallabh undertook His mission.

8. Peethapur : The birthplace of Shripad Shrivallabh, in Andhra Pradesh. It was Tembeswami who brought this place into the limelight.

9. Varanasi : Here, the Dattatreya math (A residence of Ascetics) is situated on the Narad ghat. The decedents of Shri Nrusinha Sarasvati reside here even today with the surname, Kale. Later, the name Kale was changed to Kaliya. Even today a garden and a lane named Kaliya exists here.

10. Shri Shailya : It is near Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad), Shri Nrusinha Sarasvati travelled to this place.

11. Bhattagaon (Bhadgaon) : It is 35 kilometres from Kathmandu.

12. Panchaleshwar : It is in Beed district, Maharashtra

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text ‘Datta’ – part 1

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