Ritualistic worship of Devis

Every Deity has a specific scientific method of worship. It means that there is a definite science underlying every act performed during the ritualistic worship of a Deity.

Mission and Special Characteristics of Shri Vishnu

God created the universe through the five Deities (Principles)- Prajapati, Brahma, Shiva, Shri Vishnu and Meenakshi. These five Deities have all the characteristics of God besides their own. Sheshashayi, Anantashayani form of Shri Vishnu that theVaishnavsect worship, meaning, the nirgun (Unmanifest) form of Shri Vishnu is a representation of Supreme God or Mahavishnu.To them, Shri … Read more

Virtuous Bharat, a jewel in the crown of devotees of Shriram

Even in this period of calamity many received solace and peace viewing the incidents from the lives of Prabhu Shriram and Shrikrushna and Their devotees and witnessed their Divine play. This also gave the audience the spiritual strength to face the coronavirus crisis. As the Holy texts in Sanatan Dharma are enriched with Spirituality they will never get outdated and that is precisely why repeated reading of these Holy texts endows the spiritual experiences of only Bliss and peace even today.

Who is Adishakti ?

‘Shakti’ (Divine Energy) isthe attribute inherent in every object, which is necessary forits functioning and which does not exist independent of it.