Shri Lakshmi – Deity of opulence

Lakshmi means a symbol. It is from this that the word ‘Lakshmi‘ has been derived. A substitute word for Lakshmi is ‘Shri’ that means adornment, lustre.

Ritualistic worship of Devis

Every Deity has a specific scientific method of worship. It means that there is a definite science underlying every act performed during the ritualistic worship of a Deity.

Who is Adishakti ?

‘Shakti’ (Divine Energy) isthe attribute inherent in every object, which is necessary forits functioning and which does not exist independent of it.

Baglamukhi Stotra

In the current era of strife, seekers should pray to Baglamukhi Deity with utmost devotion and listen to the Baglamukhi stotra (hymn) either in the morning or evening !