‘Khadakvasla Jalashay Rakshan Abhiyan’ : A campaign to protect the Khadakvasla lake !

Joint efforts of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Sanatan
Sanstha, Cummins India and Khadakvasla villagers attain success

The campaign continuing in the 16th year was 100% fruitful

Volunteers of different organisations and dedicated Hindus displaying placards to protect the Khadakvasla lake

Pune, March 2 2018 (news) – Every festival, festivity and vowed religious observance from Hindu culture is both conducive for the environment and for spiritual progress. However as the spiritual science underlying festivals is not known to all there appear to be malpractices in them. Due to lack of religious education as the basic objective is lost, it is infiltrated with malpractice. On Holi and Rangapanchami youth play using chemical colours and then bathe in waters of the dam. To stop pollution of the water and to preserve culture, for the past 16 years, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti along with Sanatan Sanstha, Cummins India  and Khadakvasla villagers have been launching the Khadakvasla Jalashay Rakshan Abhiyan which has met with 100% success this year as well.

As part of this campaign a human chain was created around the Khadakvasla dam and volunteers were explained objectives of the festival, way of celebrating it and how colours lead to pollution of the environment. The Irrigation and police departments extended excellent co-operation to this campaign. On the days of Dhulivandan and Rangapanchami (March 6) this campaign will be carried out from 9 am to 7 pm. To be a part of it contact phone no 8983335517.

1. By moving a coconut and worshipping a picture of Shrikrushna, sarpanch of Khadakvasla village panchayat Mr. Saurabh Mate, former sarpanch of Khadakvasla Mr. Vijay Kolhe, Mr. Parag Gokhale of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Mr. Hemendra Joshi of Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh, Mr. Anil Gaekwade of Vasundhara Swacchata Abhiyan, former member of the panchayat samiti Mr. Datta Jorkar, member of the village panchayat  Mr. Ajay Mate, Mrs. Snehal Kumbhar etc. were present on the occasion.

2. City suburb chief Mr. Jaisingh Dangat, Advocate Anil Visal, Mrs. Sunita Khandalkar of Shivasahyadri Pratishthan, former member of Zilla Parishad Mr. Vilas Mate, former sarpanch of Gore Budruk Mr. Sushant Khirid, Mr. Nitin Pokharkar of Cummins India, Sandip Kshirsagar etc. participated in the campaign.

3. Before the campaign commenced Mr. Parag Gokhale explained the objectives of the campaign and also the spiritual significance of Dhulivandan and Rangapanchami to employees of Cummins India.

Mission of conserving sanctity of festivals by
Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is praiseworthy ! – Prof. Sudhakarrao Jadhwar

Today we have forgotten the sanctity and propriety of festivals. At such times without receiving any monetary benefit and expecting anything, utilising their own money and time the Samiti volunteers carrying out the mission of maintaining the sanctity of the festival and protecting Nature is praiseworthy. Today indecency has infiltrated festivals. The British education system does not create sanskars (subconscious impressions) on students. To achieve that the importance of festivals has to be taught in schools. All the best to this programme !

The campaign was launched with perseverance
by Sanatan’s volunteers  – Mr. Vijay Kolhe, Former Sarpanch, Khadakvasla

When this campaign was first launched people would harass and ridicule us. Once hooligans pushed even the police force resulting in razing of the erected pandal. But Sanatan and Samiti volunteers remained unnerved and continued the campaign. Indeed this is praiseworthy.

Celebrate festivals after becoming aware of
the objectives of the festivals – Mr. Parag Gokhale

The science underlying Dhulwad festival : On this day it is a custom to apply ash from the Holi fire onto the body. It is believed that this protects from disease. On the day of Rangapanchami the Nirgun (Non-materialised) Principle of God gets activated by throwing colours. Also when applying colour to another if you do it with the spiritual emotion that you are applying it to God then you derive benefit from it at a spiritual level. That is why it is necessary to understand the significance of a festival before celebrating it.

Response of people

Mr. Vidyadhar Golde, Police inspector : This programme is indeed appreciable. Actually it is the work of the Irrigation and Police departments but the Samiti volunteers assist us through this programme. It will always be supported by the police administration.


1. When Ganesh Mote a dedicated Hindu was passing through Khadakvasla, seeing the work of the Samiti he too participated in the programme from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2. When Amruta Kher received information on this programme through the media she participated in the campaign from morning till 2 p.m.

3. This year the number of people coming to play Holi in the water was negligible. This can be considered as success of this continuous campaign.

4. Passersby along the dam were clicking pictures of the campaign and were commenting on how good this campaign is.

5. All material required for this campaign was donated willingly by well wishers from society.

Spiritual experiences of the campaign receiving Divine support

This time during the campaign the spiritual experience that this campaign was being supported by Jaladevata (Deity of the water body) Herself to make it successful was experienced by several volunteers. The campaign commenced with a prayer unto the village Deity and purification of the place with a coconut.

Assistance and gratitude

Assistance was received from the organisations listed, in cash and kind, contributing to the success of the campaign of Khadakvasla Jalashay Rakshan Abhiyan’ for which gratitude is being offered to all enlisted further.

Umesh Mandap Khadakvasla Mr. Umesh Gore, Pune District Retail Traders Association  President Mr. Sachin Nivamgune, Mr. Lokesh Agarwal, Mr. Rohit Agarwal, Mr. Suresh Chaudhary of Mamta Sweets, Mr. Shingade of Vivo Mobiles, Shivasena Sub city Chief  Mr. Jaisinghdada Dangat Patil, Mr. Manish Jagadale of Shivasena, dedicated Hindus  Mr. B.G. Parihar, Mr. Madan G. Banjara of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Mr. Arunrao Beluse of Yogavedanta, Mr. Bapu Sawle of Shivapratishthan, Mr. Nilkanth Pashankar of Pashankar Tours, Owner of Fulpari Sweets, Dedicated Hindus Mr. Santosh Bhiware, Industrialist  Mr. Umesh Pachlag, Mr. Rajabhau Bhumkar of Bharatiya Janata Party, Mr. Lahane of Chandrakantdada Dangat Patil Nursing College.

Spontaneous participation of Hindu activists and environmentalists

Security personnel of Nanded city too participated in this campaign and rendered service with great enthusiasm. 10 volunteers from Legislator Rameshbhau Vanjale Pratishthan Gad Samvardhan (Mountain Conservation team) Campaign were also part of this campaign.

The only campaign for water conservation

This is perhaps the only campaign from the entire country which is so expansive from the viewpoint of water conservation and launched selflessly for several years.

Announcements from the Irrigation department

On behalf of the irrigation department a rickshaw was making announcements that entering the waters of the dam is prohibited and that defying the orders would result in prosecution

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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