Timely intervention by devout Hindus from Bhor (Pune District) stops denigration of Deities Lakshmi and Gauri

We applaud both the active devout Hindus who stopped denigration of Deities and also the shopkeeper who made necessary changes after realising his mistake. Hindus from all over should learn from this and become active in stopping denigration of Deities !

Bhor (Pune District)) – In a ready made clothes shop, Sharada Dresses, in Mangalwar Peth before the festival of Gauripujan a shopkeeper was selling masks and idols of Deities Lakshmi and Gauri in different attire such as frocks, tops, maxis or salwar kameez which were being changed every day. When a staunch Hindu Vinayak kaka Sanas noticed this. He along with Vishwajeet Chauhan of Hindu Janajagruti Samiit and Prof. Vitthal Jadhav of Sanatan Sanstha they contacted the shopkeeper Mr. Vinayak Gujar and explained how he was denigrating Deities Lakshmi and Gauri and how denigration of Deities increases our demerits. Mr. Gujar then understood the correct perspective and immediately promised to remove the modern clothes on the idols and to drape them in sattvik saris and complied accordingly.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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