Awakening of Dharma (Righteousness)

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`धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित: ।’ means the one who follows Dharma is protected by God Himself. If Dharma is destroyed then it will not take long for calamities to befall a nation. Sanatan is active in alleviating the desolation about Dharma in society, to curb the evil tendencies which have penetrated Dharma in the garb of a burkha and to explain true Dharma to society.


1. Dharmasatsang (spiritual meeting on Dharma)

Today since Dharmashikshan (religious education) is not being imparted to Hindus they do not understand the special importance that is attached to following Dharma in life. Dharmasatsangs give information on importance of following Dharma, the science underlying religious rituals and obstacles faced in following Dharma. To improve this mission emphasis is being laid upon Hindus becoming proactive.


2. Efforts to overcome blind faith

Ignorance in the form of blind faith is spreading in society because people have no knowledge on ghosts, spirits, etc. This allows fake Holymen, sorcerers etc to take advantage of this blind faith of people. Sanatan Sanstha does social awakening through Holy texts, compact discs, exhibitions teach society how to combat negative energies and alleviate spiritual distress permanently, by chanting.


3. Campaigns on malpractices in
group celebration of religious festivities

Nowadays in the garb of celebrating religious festivals we notice several malpractices in society such as extortion of money during group celebration of festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi, Navaratri, Holi etc., worship of idols adorning attire not matching the science of Spirituality, organising entertainment programmes on film music not in keeping with the culture, nation or Dharma, consumption of alcohol during the festivities, noise pollution, unwanted expenditure on lighting and decoration etc. Due to all these malpractices along with decrease in sanctity of the festival harmed is caused to the nation ansd society. It is to stop such malpractices and to guide such clubs (mandals) celebrating these festivals that Sanatan holds campaigns of social awakening through posters on curbing these malpractices and explaining the situation to  groups celebrating these festivities. Different social organisations, peoples’ representatives, Government officials and police are explained the seriousness of the situation. Compact discs and videos and are screened all over Daily, weekly and monthly Sanatan Prabhat periodicals play a major role in creating extensive social awareness about this campaign.

4. Fighting unrighteous tendencies in Dharma in an earnest manner

Fighting those ridiculing Dharma, God, Saints, statesmen and Holy texts in an earnest manner

A. Advertisements, products, plays, films etc. denigrating Deities are opposed in an earnest manner.

B.Curbing denigration of Deities by preventing lighting of firecrackers with pictures of Deities on them and stopping people from begging wearing costumes of Deities.


5. Legal battles to combat opponents of Dharma

Saints impart spiritual knowledge which will help Hindus. Opponents of Dharma criticise and ridicule this with the intention of misguiding Hindus. They are opposed through petitions in Court.


6. Opposing disfiguring of idols and Government take-over of temples

Idols of Deities represent the faith of Hindus so disfiguring them is an intentional act of Hindu-haters. Opposing injustice such as Government take-over of temples (which amounts to destroying the sanctity of temples), misappropriation of temple donations and tormenting Hindus on all fronts.


7. Combating those converting Hindus
through deceit, in a constitutional manner

Opposing in a constitutional manner

Christian missionaries are obsessed with converting Hindus to Christianity. They accomplish this through deceit and by offering them incentives. Perceiving this conspiracy to destroy Hindus stopping it in a constitutional manner.


8. A campaign to clean temples to preserve their sattvikta and sanctity

The temple cleaning progrramme

The Principle of a Deity is activated in a clean and pure place. Due to lack of Dharmashikshan those looking after a temple forget this. If a cleanliness campaign is conducted in such temples then society will certainly benefit from it.


9. Programme devising plans to
prevent stampedes and other malpractices in jatras

In crowds which throng the jatra of a Deity there are incidents of pick-pocketing, eve-teasing, chaos and stampedes. Plans are devised to organise crowds to ensure that devotees are able to worship the Deity in a relaxed state.

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