Awareness created by Sanatan Sanstha during ‘Kartik Mela’ held at Ujjain

Curious (Jidnyasus) visiting book exhibition

Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh)  : Every year ‘Kartik Mela’ is held on behalf of Ujjain Municipality and this year such ‘Mela’ was held between 8th and 11th December. Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) held a book exhibition during this ‘Mela (Fair)’ and created awareness amongst people on various issues related to nation and Dharma. A Cell was erected in this ‘Mela’ and ‘flex’-boards on ‘Achar-Dharma’, ‘Rashtra – Dharma’, ‘Dharmashikshan’, Hindu Rashtra etc were displayed. There were also books on different subjects published by Sanatan Sanstha and its ‘sattvika’ products kept on exhibit for sale which received good response from ‘jidnyasus’. Mayor Sou. Meena Jonawal, Chairman Sonu Gehalot, Commissioner Subodh Jain and Shri. Dheeraj Shrivastav extended cooperation for setting up this exhibition.


Shri. Rahul Joshi, student, Law, Ujjain – Last year too I had visited Sanatan’s exhibition put up during ‘Kartik Mela’ and was quite impressed. Such knowledge is not available anywhere. I was happy to get information on ‘sadhana’ in such simple language and to the point. I found ‘Sanatan Neem’ soap useful for my skin problems. I then thought, if the products of this Sanstha are so good; how good must be the thoughts of this Sanstha. Since then, I try to participate in Sanstha’s programs.

Shri. Karan Yadav, Ujjain – I used to read matter written by Sanatan Sanstha on walls at various places during ‘Kumbh-mela’ and was very much impressed with the same. I have lot of ‘jidnyasa’ to know Hindu Dharma which I feel will be fulfilled through this Sanstha.

Shri. Sanjay Yadav and Shri. Shailesh Dave, Ujjain – Last year, we visited Sanatan’s exhibition and started following ‘Dharmacharan’. We have also started chanting and getting joy out of following ‘Dharmacharan’. We are learning new thoughts.


1. Many parents were happy to see this exhibition. They felt that the present generation which is indifferent towards following ‘Dharmacharan’, will be inspired to abide by Dharma through awareness created by such exhibition.

2. Many young men visited the exhibition and got their doubts clarified on benefits of ‘namaskar’, benefits of sitting down to eat etc and registered themselves to receive information through social websites.

3. ‘There is not a single Hindu Rashtra in the world; therefore, Bharat should become a Hindu Rashtra’, was the board displayed in the exhibition and many people agreed with the thought and spontaneously said that Hindu Rashtra has to be established.

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