Let us move towards Ram Rajya !

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Shri. Chetan Rajhans

After 490 years of exile, the magnificent Shri Ram Mandir is being erected at the birthplace of Shri Ram. Not only in the country, but across the world, there has been a wave of enthusiasm among the Hindus. In the United States of America, the Hindus are conducting peace pilgrimages on the occasion of Shri Ram Mandir inauguration. The whole of India is blessed. As January 22nd approaches, the flame of Ram devotion is burning brighter among the Indians. Programs about Shri Ram Mandir, Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Andolan, Ramayana etc. are being broadcast for many hours every day in the media. New devotional songs about Shri Ram are being composed and are being promoted by our Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi himself. A Ram wave has been created across the country. Hindus are once again experiencing the power, the positive energy within Shri Ram Temple and of chanting Shri Ram’s name. Lakhs of Ram devotees sacrificed their lives in a span of 5 centuries for the liberation of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi. It was litigated in court for decades and finally the Hindus won and now the Shri Ram Mandir is standing there. In history, the struggle of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi has been immortalized. By the grace of God, the Hindus now should not stop there but should continue the fight to liberate the land of the temples at Mathura and Kashi as well. Not only Mathura and Kashi, but around 3,50,000 temples across the country have been demolished and mosques built there. Saraswati Devi’s temple at Bhojshala in Dhar in Madhya Pradesh too was one such case and should be fought for as well. In states like Goa, temples have been demolished and churches have been built during the Portuguese period. Those places too need to be freed. The former temples at all such places should be restored with their deities. This does not require taking the law into our own hands, but can be tried through judicial means. For this, the local state government and the central government are also expected to help the Hindus. This will be mostly possible in BJP-ruled states; but in other states it is still difficult to do so. This struggle has gained strength because of Shri Ram Mandir. If Hindus win in Mathura and Kashi tomorrow, efforts to regain the rest of the temples may gain momentum.

Temples should be institutes of religious education!

Hindu temples are the source of consciousness. Devotees, Seekers, Saints can understand their spiritual significance. Therefore, it is not surprising that these temples were destroyed by evil-minded people who opposed such spiritual sources. Through the means of Hindu temples, devotion, religious practice, sadhana, sacrifice, peace of mind etc. are achieved in the society. Hindus know the importance of temples. Every village in the country has not one but many temples. Such temples have now become centers of religious education for Hindus. A kind of spiritual awareness has been created among the Hindus on the occasion of Shri Ram Mandir inauguration. This awareness needs to be spread further. For that, there is a need to encourage Hindus to practice Sadhana and Dharma by giving them religious education in every temple. Not only the Hindus but also the society and by far the country will benefit from these temples. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has appealed to perform pujas, aarti etc. in the estimated 5 lakh temples across the country on the day of the inauguration of Shri Ram Mandir. Before that, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has called for the cleaning of temples from January 14th to January 22nd. The whole purpose behind this is to organize and unite the Hindus through these temples so that there is no need for separate awareness and enlightenment conferences. Hindus still have faith and feelings about temples. To spread this emotion everywhere Hindus should visit the temples daily. Since India is a secular country, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi or any government cannot create a system of direct religious education to Hindus; but it has now become necessary for the Hindu organizations to give it a try. Religious education will stop the contempt of Hindu deities by native Hindus. By stopping the brainwashing of Hindus by other religions, the religious conversion will also come under great pressure. Hindu daughters who fall prey to love jihad will be protected. Hindus will have more love and awareness about religion and will be truly proud to call themselves Hindus!

Temples should not be centers of tourism!

Temples are currently being developed across the country. What that means is that more and more facilities are being built there. Various means are being created to reach there. These things are essential; but it is necessary to use them as a devotee, a devout, a seeker. To what extent does it really happen is a thought to ponder about. The temples are today seen as tourist centers. There are only a few temples that have retained their original aura or are still viewed by devotees as devotional places. Temples should never become centers of tourism. They are the centers of consciousness and devotion. Maintaining this consciousness and devotion is not just a duty of devotees, but it is meditation. If this consciousness is destroyed, then those temples will have no significance because there will not be any God in it. Many saints and elevated people are realizing that the vitality of the temples has been destroyed and the divinity has vanished. This is a great collective sin for Hindus. Some saints visit such temples to purify them; but it is more important to stop the things that destroy this consciousness. The government take heed in this regard.

Free the temples from governmentalization!

Shri Ram Mandir is being constructed by Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra Trust. This Trust has been created honouring the court’s orders. There is no government intervention in this; but today lakhs of temples across the country are in the hands of the government. The offerings of billions of rupees coming to these temples are going to the government coffers. A very small amount of this money is being used for the actual functioning of the temples, while the rest is being used for government schemes. It is also seen that the temple committees are not using this money to provide religious education to Hindus or for any other religious activities. As the breadwinner brother of the house takes care of the younger brothers, temples with higher incomes need to look after the affairs of smaller temples in the country which have negligible income or which have fallen into disrepair. That does not seem to be happening. That is, the money offered by Hindus is not used for religion. This money is being used to build hospitals, flood victims, schools, and help patients. These are all social activities. Religious money is not expected to be spent on social work. There are many other sources for social work; but there is no such permanent source for religious work. Therefore, money from temples should be used for religious work only. There were instances where the money of some temples was spent for other religions as well. It was quite shameful for the Hindus. Therefore, temples should be freed from the hands of governments and given in the hands of true devotees. Only such devotees can truly run the temple proceedings with devotion instead of the government officials. It is now necessary for Hindus to strive for this. Will there be any deities where temples are not cared for with devotion, temples where money and jewels are stolen, temples where money is not spent for religious work? Hindus really need to fight for this now. A big movement should be organized by creating awareness across the country about this. Religious education can be given using temples’ money, Gurukuls need to be established in places by big temples whose income is in crores of rupees. With this money, it is necessary to regularly perform religious rituals, chant mantras and offer prayers for the purification of the atmosphere. Sterilization of the surroundings was done in the time of Corona; religious rituals, chanting of mantras and offering prayers work the same way on a spiritual level.

We want an ideal Hindu Rashtra (nation) with Ram Rajya!

Even if Shri Ram Mandir is built, it should not be the final achievement. If Shri Ram’s coronation is taking place in this country after 500 years, it is now necessary to establish Ram Rajya in the country. What that means is there is a need to run the country the way it was run by Shri Ram. Is this the case now? No! India is a secular country. How can religion be practiced where there is no religion? For this, India should first be declared a religious Hindu nation. This country belongs to Hindus. This country has been ruled by Muslims and Christians for almost 1,000 years. India has forgotten its original culture of spirituality, consciousness, devotion and meditation due to their slavery. India was the world guru on a spiritual level. Is there such a situation in the country today that India can become the global leader of the world? The answer is ‘no’. Therefore, first a Hindu Rashtra should be established in the country and the country should be run according to Hinduism. This will make every person follow Hindu religion. Decisions will be taken according to Hinduism and developments will be done accordingly. When this transformation happens in the country, it can be said that Ram Rajya has been established. Such rulers will rule like a patriarchy. The people of such a country will live like a king. No one will be unhappy in this country and if anyone has problems, they will be solved promptly. Other countries will have respect for India if not enmity. India will be an example for the rest of the world who will get inspired by India to govern themselves the ideal way.

– Mr. Chetan Rajhans, National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha

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