Save young Hindu women from ‘Love Jihad’ – Mrs. Nayna Bhagat, Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha

A get-together of Shri Khandelwal
Navayuvak Mitra Mandal held at Bhaindar
(Thane District) in an environment of enthusiasm

Dignitaries attending the Khandelwal (traders) Navapargana community get-together

Our duty is to create a good society by
instilling good values – Advocate Ishwarprasad Khandelwal,
President, Shri Khandelwal Navayuvak Mitra Mandal, Mumbai

Advt Ishwarprasad Khandelwal

Bhainder (Thane District) – Today Hindu society needs to be taught sanskars. Good values create a good society and this is the main duty of us all. Valentine’s day is a western tradition celebrated here on 14th February so we need to change it. Hence this year we will be celebrating ‘worship of parents’ to preserve our culture and traditions. On behalf of Khandelwal Navayuvak Mitra Mandal on February 14th 2019 the community will come together for this celebration and a Balsanskar camp for school students will also be organised. The Khandewal community has always contributed towards social causes. Henceforth all should contribute towards the mission for society, nation and Dharma is the what President of Khandelwal Navayuvak Mitra Mandal Advocate Ishwarprasad Khandelwal appealed to the audience when addressing the Khandewal Navapargana community at a Diwali get-together held with fervour on November 18, 2018 at Bhainder (West) at the Kasturi Garden Maidan. More than 800 people benefitted from ths talk.

Advocate Khandelwal further said that the Khandelwal community has more than 10000 members all over Bharat including Rajasthan and are devotees of Bhagwan Charturbhuja (four armed Vishnu). This community does not indulge in malpractice of dowry, is vice free and sattvik and has contributed in the mission of the Nation in different states of the country. So now the community has to perform spiritual practice and make a resolve to serve society, the country and Dharma.

Chief guest for the function Mrs. Nayana Bhagat, Spokesperson for Sanatan Sanstha apprised the audience on ‘Love Jihad’.

Save young Hindu women from ‘Love Jihad’ –
Mrs. Nayna Bhagat, Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha

Today in our country the entire Hindu population is distressed by jihadi terrorism. It is being troubled by the fearsome calamity of love jihad which is ruining the life of our young Hindu women, mothers and sisters.

Mrs. Nayna Bhagat

Love jihad is nothing new, It has been going on since the era of Mohammed Bin Kasim, Akbar, Ullauddin Khilji. Filmstars are the role models of today’s youth. it is indeed unfortunate that they know nothing about Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Maharana Pratap but can speak volumes on Sharukh Khan or Salman Khan. The actresses associated with these Khans are Hindu girls, this is the biggest conspiracy. Hindu girls fall prey to this ‘filmy jihad’ and anti-Hindus make them elope with them. They entice them through black magic of vashikaran. Hence Hindu young women need to perm spiritual practice to protect themselves from such calamities.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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