Importance of storing water in earthen pot or copper utensil

Water is called ‘jivan’ (meaning ‘life’) in Sanskrut. Water is the medium to absorb and transport salt, electrolytes, sugar and food particles. All these ingredients are supplied to various organs of the body through the medium of water.

1. Water that is in a shade and devoid of sunrays is impure

A place, water and all such aspects can get polluted due to the negativity in people. Hence though they may have bathed in a river, Brahmaṇs perform rituals such as Sandhyavadnan either in their temple at home or in their cowshed.

2. Why is a copper utensil used
for storing water and a brass utensil for drawing water ?

Copper that is sattvik (Sattva-predominant) in nature is used for storing water, while a brass (predominant in Raja component) vessel is used for drawing water, is used to impart momentum to the action.

3. Cold water from the refrigerator and that stored in an earthen pot

Cold water from
the refrigerator
Cold water from
an earthen pot
1. Component Tama Raja
2. Level of Panchatattva Pruthvi (Absolute Earth Principle)-Apa (Absolute Water Principle) Apa-Pruthvi
3. Reason for the change in the state of water In a fridge, the process of cooling is artificial, due to which the water gets polluted with Raja-Tama-predominant waves; and these cool waves are very harmful for health The waves in the void related to the earth and associated with Pruthvitattva help in reducing the Raja component of water that cause pollution, thereby purifying the water
4. Task Spreading the flow of Tama waves in the body, thereby slowing down the task of chetana in the body and causing the muscles to shrink, thus reducing their capacity to function Due to the spread of a flow of Apatattva, the chetana in the body is awakened, thereby providing strength to the task, and the body
becomes sensitive to imbibing Raja waves associated with positive energy
5. Effect The predominance of the Tama waves imparts inertia to the voids in the body, due to which the cells associated with them become inefficient Due to the predominance of the Raja component, the voids in the body become functional; as a result, the cells associated with them begin to function at an increased pace
6. Getting attacked / not getting attacked by negative energies Due to the predominance of the Tama component, distressing waves in the environment are attracted, which has a harmful effect initially on the body and later on the mind. As a result, the body becomes a prey to the attacks of negative energies. Due to the increase in Raja component associated with the Earth Principle related to the mud in the water from the earthen pot, the ability of the water to fight the Raja-Tama components in the environment increases. Drinking such water purifies the body and provides strength to the task.
Reference: Sanatan’s Holy Text “Correct method of cooking a meal”

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