Achars (General conduct)
associated with swabbing the floor

1. When should the floor be swabbed?

Soon after removing the dust, swab the floor.

2. How should it be done?

A. Add a pinch of Vibhuti to the water used for swabbing.

Underlying science

The sattvikta from the Vibhuti in the water helps to remove the covering of black energy created by the negative energies on the floor.

B. Prayer unto the Jaladevata (Deity of water)

Before mopping, make a prayer unto the Jaladevata thus – “May the black covering created on the floor by negative energies be destroyed by the Chaitanya in the water”.

C. Bend and swab the floor with a wet cloth using the right hand.

Effect of swabbing the floor with the right hand, by bending

‘This posture activates the Panchaprana (Five vital energies) within the Manipur-chakra because of which the radiance in the body begins functioning in a shorter time. The Suryanadi (The sun channel) also gets activated and causes the flow of energy from the right hand to the mop cloth. This, with the help of the Apatattva (Absolute Water Principle) from the water, forms a radiant protective sheath over the floor. Hence, swabbing blocks the distressing vibrations emanating from Patal (Hell region) and protects the vastu (Premises).’ – A Scholar (Through the medium of H.H. (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil, 25th December 2007, 7.32 p.m.)

D. Swab the floor from rooms towards the main door

Just as you sweep the dust on the floor from the rooms towards the main door, so also swab the floor.

E. Wash the cloth used for swabbing in clean water intermittently.

3. Pray to Vastudevata

To retain sattvikta in the house, light an incense-stick amidst a prayer unto the Vastudevata (Deity of the premises).

4. Loss incurred by using a machine for swabbing

A. Pollution of the vastu

‘When mopping the floor with a machine, the distressing vibrations from Patal get easily and rapidly attracted to the friction created by the machine and spread all over the floor with the help of the Apatattva. As a result, by swabbing the floor with a machine, a covering of distressing vibrations is created on the floor. These distressing vibrations then get absorbed into the floor, thus polluting the vastu.

B. Ailments of the bones and muscles

Mopping the floors with machines creates distressing vibrations, which cause ailments of the leg muscles and of bones, osteoporosis and joint pain.

C. Distress caused by negative energies can be enhanced

When machines are used for mopping floors, the operator stands and does not bend during the act, thus his Surya-nadi is not activated, and the distressing vibrations cause harm to him. That is why, mopping by bending and using the right hand is appropriate.’

– A Scholar (Through the medium of H.H. (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil, 25th December 2007, 7.32 p.m.)

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ‘Daily Conduct and the science underlying its Acts’

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