Astrological viewpoint : On which days should nails be cut?

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Mrs. Prajakta Joshi

An English quote says ‘When nails grow long, we cut nails, not fingers. Similarly, when misunderstandings grow, cut your ego and not your relationships.’ Here nails have been synonymized as ego. When ego inflates the rationality deteriorates. In today’s competitive world performing each and every small activity as per the scriptures with the aim of maintaining sattvikta will definitely derive benefit.

According to Ayurveda if nails of hands and feet are cut regularly then health of the digestive system improves. Various diseases can be diagnosed from the colour of the nails. In today’s busy schedule, one may not get time to cut nails on a specific day of the week. As most people have a holiday on Sunday they cut nails on that day. Some are curious to know which day is appropriate for nail cutting.

According to astrology based on the association (known as hora) of a planet with the particular day (from sunrise of that day to the sunrise of the next day), that planet’s name is given to the particular day of the week. For e.g. the planet Ravi is associated with the Sunday from the sunrise, hence Sunday is called as ‘Ravivar’. By growing nails the Tama component in the body increases. As the days of the week are decided as per the hora, if we look at the actions which are appropriate to the hora, it turns out that except Saturday and Sunday all other days are appropriate for cutting nails from the point of view of individual and collective spiritual practice. What is explained below is the benefit derived by cutting nails on a particular day of the week.


Effects of cutting nails on a particular day of the week

Day of the week Actions to be performed based on the hora Probable benefits of cutting nails Analysis of nail cutting
1.Monday All actions Acquiring good health Monday is Somvar. Som means the moon which is associated with the mind. Our health is dependent upon the state of our mind. Cutting nails on Monday may help in removing the envelope of Tama component around the mind.
2.Tuesday War and arguments Helps in being relieved from a debt Cut nails on Tuesday to avoid arguments arising from clearing a debt.
3.Wednesday Imparting knowledge Acquiring wealth righteously Mercury (Budh) is the intellectual planet of the class of traders. Hence if nails are cut on this day, wealth can be acquired in a job/profession through intellectual success..
4.Thursday Auspicious acts Ceases the occurrence of Inauspicious events at home and the mind turns towards worship of the Guru Jupiter (Guru) is a spiritual planet, and it inspires worship. If nails are cut on this day it helps in increasing the Sattva component.
5. Friday Travel Meeting near and dear ones Venus (Shukra) is associated with art and priti (Unconditional spiritual love). If nails are cut on Friday then one may travel to meet a near and dear person.
6.Saturday Accumulation of wealth Increase in attachment and decrease in mental stability In spiritual practice sacrifice is of utmost importance. Accumulation of wealth may cause the mind to get diverted from the target. Hence nails should not be cut on Saturday.
7.Sunday Serving the royals Increase in the Raja component and occurrence of obstacles in the assigned tasks In order to avoid decrease in available time for performing royal services, do not cut nails on Sunday. For seekers royal service is nothing but samashti seva (Service unto society).

Ensure that the cut nails do not fall inside the house. Wrap them in paper and dispose them such that no one gets access to them.’

– Mrs. Prajkta Joshi (Jyotish Phalit Visharad), Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi, Goa

6 thoughts on “Astrological viewpoint : On which days should nails be cut?”

  1. Is it necessary to cut nails before taking bath. Can nails be cut at any time of the day. Do we need to take a bath after cutting nails?

    • Namaste Vijayalakshmi ji,

      The activity of cutting nails increases the Tama component. Hence, it is better if nails are cut before bathing.

      Nails should be cut in the morning. As tama component is higher in the atmosphere at night, if you cut nails at night then you may be affected from negative vibrations.

      After cutting nails, bathing is necessary to destroy the tama vibrations.

    • Namaskar Shri. Puneet ji,

      If possible, then you can discard the nails in water, or else you can bury them in soil.

  2. तिलक किस उंगली से लगाना चाहिए,विस्तार से बताएं ।


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