How to plan your day effectively?

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

As lifespan is limited it is necessary to perform every act for God-realization on time. 

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale


Make the PDR process successful by acquiring virtues like perseverance in oneself !


Importance of time

Nothing is more precious in human life than time. An English saying goes, ‘Time is money’. Money lost can be recovered with efforts but time lost is lost forever. Always remember that even millions of rupees cannot compensate the time which is lost.


Appropriate utilization of time by Swatantryaveer Sawarkar

Swantantryaveer Sawarkar went to England to become a barrister in June 1906. During this period, he completed his academic curriculum and became a barrister and also wrote two books in Marathi ‘The biography of Joseph Mazzini’ and the ‘The freedom revolt of 1857’. He was reporting news for the Pune based daily ‘Kal’, from London. During this period on the attic of India House along with Senapati Bapat he successfully experimented with making bombs and brought youth together under the banner of a revolutionary organisation which he named ‘Abhinav Bharat’. One of the youths from this group Madanlal Dhingra later assassinated Curzon Wyllie. Swantatrayaveer Sawarkar managed to accomplish all this between the age of 23 and 26 years. If you too are determined and goal-oriented then your time will be utilized appropriately and undoubtedly even mammoth tasks will be accomplished.


Personality defects resulting in
wastage of time and remedies for that

Lack of seriousness about time

We get fresh air, water and such amenities from Nature, free of cost because of which we do not realize its importance. If you do not value time then you do not feel bad about wasting your own time or when others are wasting it. Time and people always respect the one who values time.

Considering useless activities as pleasurable

Some people get so engrossed in the internet or video games for recreation or pleasure, in their leisure time, resulting in tremendous wastage of their time. Still others waste time in chatting or quarreling with neighbours.

You may take the following autosuggestion to impress the importance of time on your mind..

Whenever due to the defect of not realizing the importance of time I start ……. (name the useless activity which is wasting your time) which is wasting my time I will become aware of it at once and start ….. (name the activity you have planned).


Laziness is another defect responsible for non-punctuality and not using time fruitfully. Laziness reduces enthusiasm for valuing time or using it fruitfully and the individual feels happy lazying on the bed or remaining inactive. Often due to procrastination in performing daily chores, later they pose as obstacles when performing important tasks or consume more time. For example if you procrastinate in filling petrol in your car and if you have to rush a family member to hospital for an emergency, then the precious time is wasted in filling petrol in the car. Also If petrol is not filled on time in the car, then suddenly it can come to a halt if car runs out of petrol. Then you have to park it on side and hire an autorickshaw upto the petrol pump to fetch petrol and back again. This results not only in wastage of time but also money for the rickshaw.

To overcome the personality defect of laziness you can take the following autosuggestion…

Whenever I procrastinate filling petrol in the car, I will become aware of its necessity at once and will immediately go the petrol pump to fill petrol.

The above autosuggestion should be taken 15 times a day.


Efforts for appropriate utilisation of time

1.Fruitful utilization of leisure time

In our day-to-day life we get leisure time. How to utilize this time is dependent on the individual and the circumstances. Changing circumstances are not within our control but utilization of leisure time depends upon the individual. An individual who is enthusiastic, focuses on the target and is optimistic utilizes leisure time in the best possible way. As against this an anxious, lazy and pessimistic individual wastes his time. Remember leisure time is your wealth. Not even a second from it should be wasted because losing even a moment is losing your potential.

2. Completing a task in the scheduled period

Daily chores should be completed in the scheduled time. If postponed then it can prove harmful. If today’s useful task is postponed to tomorrow then it may appear tougher. Due to the attitude of procrastination often a task is never completed on time and the individual is never successful in life.

3. Keeping a track of the time

Keeping track of the time you should monitor the progress in your task. If you act with the clock as your helper in the given task then it becomes possible to plan the time.

4. Follow a timetable and act accordingly

Following a timetable is performing a task at the planned place and time in a specific planned manner, with the help of chosen people. The place and method of performing a task are as important as the task itself. For example if you have some work in a Government office just as calculating how much time you will require for it, so also considering how far is that office from your home is equally important. Each one needs to make a timetable for himself as per his convenience. It should include planning a daily schedule of activities.

4. A  Actions like utilization of family and office time appropriately, jotting down messages, comprehending a task, making a list of things to be done, deciding priority, taking help from others where required, multi-tasking, considering alternatives make a particular task effective. The time is effectively utilized by performing activities like praying, chanting or taking auto-suggestions while performing personal chores, sweeping the floor or doing some other activity while talking on the phone

Human birth does not come again and again hence the time in a human life is precious. Each one’s lifespan is predetermined and uncertain and it is during this very period that one has to fulfill the purpose of a human birth. This time should be utilized appropriately for the sake of God, the country and Dharma. For that you need to work hard, without wasting time. If you plan and do a activity after a prayer unto God then it helps in accomplishing the task.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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