Banteay Srei : The Deity Shiva temple in Phnom Dei village, Cambodia

In the 10th century, King Rajendravarman II ruled Yashodharpura. He gave away a huge piece of land to his 2 ministers who established a town named ‘Ishwarpur’ there. It is now known as Phnom Dei village, Cambodia. In the center of the town they built a temple ‘Tribhuvan Maheshwar’ or ‘Banteay Srei’.

The world famous temple of Bhagwan Kartikeya in Batu caves, Malaysia

The Batu mountain range is situated 16 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malyasia. This cave made up of limestone found in this mountain according to scientists is 40 crore years old. 272 steps lead to this huge cave. After walking a distance of 100 meters in the cave is the temple of Kartikeya.

The power and positivity of water

Water is our lifeline. It has its own specific memory. The thought occurring in our mind or the state of our mind while drinking water has deep impact on the water and consequently ouselves. Changes occur in water based on the external energies and these changes affect our physical body.

How to plant trees?

O Deity of Fire, we request you to bring the Deity of Water endowing good health to this place so that the people remain healthy. We pray unto your holy feet that let trees bearing abundant flowers and fruits grow from this soil watered by Deity of Water.

Shri Attivarad Perumal Swami, Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu)

‘Shiv-Kanchi’ and ‘Vishnu-Kanchi’ are the two twin Mokshapuris. Shrivishnu temple at ‘Vishnu-Kanchi’ is one of the 108 divine places of Shrivishnu and it is called as Shri Varadraj Perumal Mandir. This temple has a huge importance in Hindu Dharma. The ancient idol of Varadraj Shri Vishnu is taken out of the pond, after every 40 years, so that devotees can have darshan of it.